Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1683: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 21)

“Who is this person?  So unfamiliar!”

“It should be the young miss of some nouveau riche family!  I’ve never seen her even though I’ve been in this circle for so long.”

“It can’t be old Jiang has approved of a nouveau riche, right!”

“Nouveau riche your head, look at her shoes, you can tell they are poor products just with a single glance.  I think that this kind of shoes has tarnished my eyes.”

The one who said this was the person who was obsessed with shoes in this circle, she was called the ‘Queen of Shoes’ in their circle.

As long as it was the hottest shoes of the season, she would have them no matter how limited they were.

This was also why Luo Qing Chen thought that Pei Dan Dan would never enter this circle because she was just too far away.

The host of the banquet saw this awkward scene and changed the topic with a few words, but he couldn’t divert people’s attention from Pei Dan Dan.

They watched her like an alien, looking at her with scrutinizing gazes.

Pei Dan Dan gritted her teeth and looked in another direction.

Actually she knew that she couldn’t come to this place, but she also knew that she had to come.

Because Jiang Yi Liang had been paying too much attention to Luo Qing Chen lately.  They were already an engaged couple and Luo Qing Chen liked him before, so if Jiang Yi Liang changed his mind, it was easy for him to chase after Luo Qing Chen again.

She loved Jiang Yi Liang, she had endured all those jealous gazes to finally be with Jiang Yi Liang, how could she let someone steal him away!

This banquet was originally mentioned by Jiang Yi Liang, but she who had never interfered in his family matters had actually asked to be brought along.

She could clearly see the surprised look in Jiang Yi Liang’s deep eyes at that time.

At half past seven, after half an hour of speeches, Luo Qing Chen was just wandering around the banquet hall.

She had changed into a moon white dress with a white coffee coat on the outside, each of which was a Givenchy limited edition item.

Luo Qing Chen could feel that everyone was paying attention to her when she walked around, but she couldn’t find a face that was enough to stun her.

Mo Ze Chen isn’t here?

“Next we come to the most important part of the banquet, the dance.  If the young masters and young miss have a partner they like, please reach out to them and invite them to dance.”

As soon as the voice fell, the beautiful waltz music came on.  There were many single men and women in this circle and they weren’t willing to be alone, but they could only be with people who they could match with.  This dance was something that the older generation of the rich families all silently agreed on.

The people at the Marriott Mountain Villa were people at the same level, so if they could get together, their families would approve.

Luo Qing Chen drank a cup of yogurt as she looked at her phone.  Jiang Yi Liang looked in her direction and narrowed those deep eyes.

This kind of party had happened before and she would always run over to beg him to dance with her.

He told himself that if Luo Qing Chen came over today, he would dance with her.

That way the small flame in his mind would be extinguished by him because what he hated most in this life was the Luo Qing Chen that pestered him.

But he never thought that the world would change from his plans.

There was someone who invited her to dance first.

“Miss Luo, may I have the honour of inviting you to dance?”  There was a young man in a white dress shirt and a neat black bow tie.  He looked at the phone in his hand and a smile that no one could understand appeared on his lips.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 10%.]

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