Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1681: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 19)

Jiang Yi Liang looked at her with deep eyes as if he wanted to say something, but he found that he didn’t have anything other than bad things to say about Luo Qing Chen.

This seemed to be some kind of instinct, he had never been good to her.

“Isn’t this Xiao Qing?”  Jiang Yi Bai saw her immediately when he came out and revealed a happy look.

It was the same for Mrs Jiang standing beside him.  When she saw Luo Qing Chen, she happily came over.

For them, the Jiang and Luo Families had always been friends.  She was the only one that deserved to be with Jiang Yi Liang, not a Pei Dan Dan without any status.

Although Luo Qing Chen didn’t approve of this view, she did feel comfortable in her heart.

Could it be that the people in this world made her unknowingly evil?

But she knew that this was not the case.

The large part of why she didn’t like Pei Dan Dan was because of her good act, she felt that it was all intentional and she wasn’t as kind as Jiang Yi Liang said.

The hacking case was an obvious example.  She didn’t want Luo Qing Chen to have a good life and didn’t plan on forgiving her.

Only she never showed it in front of Jiang Yi Liang.

“Yes, yes, yes, old man, your eyesight gets better when you see Qing Chen, it normally isn’t this good.”  Mrs Jiang affectionately came forward to take her hand, “Has school been well?  Is that kid Yi Liang bullying you?”

When Mrs Jiang said this, her eyes kept looking in Pei Dan Dan’s direction with hostility filling them.

At that moment, the atmosphere became awkward.  Even she strangely felt awkward, not to mention Pei Dan Dan or Jiang Yi Liang.

“Right, right!  Just tell uncle if he’s bullying you.”  Jiang Yi Bai gave a snort, “You are half my daughter since you are Du Gu’s daughter.  If he wants to be with some random person, he will never get everything that Jiang Family has!”

The atmosphere turned from awkward to tense.  Luo Qing Chen could feel Jiang Yi Bai’s anger and he was very angry.

It was understandable if one thought about it.  The four great families came to the Marriott Mountain Villa this time, so they were all rich people.  At the banquet of the four great families, for someone unknown to appear, naturally there would be questions asked about their origin.

If everyone knew that Jiang Yi Liang’s girlfriend was only a commoner, Jiang Yi Bai’s face would be gone.

“Dad, don’t say this about Dan Dan.”  Jiang Yi Liang pursed his lips and said, “I brought her to the banquet, not for you to quiz her.”

“She isn’t qualified for this.”  Jiang Yi Bai gave a cold snort, “My Jiang Family will never accept someone with this status.  If you’re willing to be on the same level as her, you are also not qualified to be in my Jiang Family.”

“Aiyo, old man.”  Mrs Jiang saw that gunpowder between her son and husband was getting worse, so she said, “We’re finally taking a holiday, don’t spend it lecturing your son.”

Pei Dan Dan who had been standing on the side finally spoke.

“Uncle, auntie, don’t be mad.”  She turned to Jiang Yi Liang, “Let’s go back first!”

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