Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1673: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 11)

Everyone looked at Luo Qing Chen in that instant.

She tapped her left hand on the table out of habit and narrowed her eyes, revealing a calm look.

But her words were so shocking, she was simply going against Jiang Yi Liang.

Moreover, she didn’t give any face to her fiancee at all.

At this time, the people who loved to gossip couldn’t take their curiosity and began whispering with each other.

“God, did Luo Qing Chen eat the wrong medicine?  Didn’t she always follow school hunk Jiang before?”

“Right, right!  I’ve never seen her talk to school hunk Jiang like this before.  Moreover, I feel that she was a bit handsome when she said this!”

“She’s probably given up!  After all, this is clearly an engagement between their families, if there was a commoner who suddenly came in, I wouldn’t be happy either!”


Actually, although Luo Qing Chen looked calm on the surface, she was boiling underneath!

Damn!  So angry, so angry that I’m about to burst!

Why was this supporting male lead not scraming, couldn’t he tell from her eyes that she was very impatient?

Although she didn’t know if Jiang Yi Liang could see it or not, she could tell that the look in the other side’s eyes gave her the emotions she wanted.

Stunned, confusion, anger, and unable to refute her!

“I don’t hit girls, but don’t you force me.”  Jiang Yi Liang narrowed his cold eyes as a chill came from him, almost freezing everyone around him.

At that moment, he had been completely stunned by her words and couldn’t react.

Luo Qing Chen gave a casual shrug as she looked at him, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, I don’t think you can beat me.”

“Luo Qing Chen.”  He gritted his teeth as he roared this and his eyes filled with rage.

“Jiang Yi Liang, don’t think too highly of yourself.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “Your position in my heart is nothing right now.”

As soon as her voice fell, her smile disappeared and her eyes turned cold.  She asked herself if her words were harsh enough and hoped that this Jiang Yi Liang in front of her would understand.

Jiang Yi Liang was stunned for two seconds before coming to his senses, “Then you don’t need to apologize for the shameful things you did before?”

Anger and unwillingness filled his heart.  He could feel his cheeks becoming a bit warm and he couldn’t control what he was saying.

This feeling, this was his first time feeling it ever.

The first time, the first time, the first time, it was actually because of Luo Qing Chen.

“Yo, yo, yo!”  Luo Qing Chen had a smile of disdain as she said, “Classmate Jiang’s memory really is bad, you just said ‘from this day forth’.”


“Also, if you want to stand up for Pei Dan Dan, don’t come looking for me because this treasure is busy and has no time for an infatuated couple like you.”  Luo Qing Chen cut off what Jiang Yi Liang wanted to say, “As for our strange engagement, if you feel embarrassed, you can just tell uncle and auntie that I was the one who broke it.”

Jiang Yi Liang fell into silence.

He no longer said anything unreasonable and seriously looked at her.

That gaze had never been seen in the memories of the previous host before.

“Ke, ke.”  The teacher standing at the podium in front cleared her throat.  Seeing that this ‘battle’ was over, she finally dared to say, “That, student Jiang, student Luo, it’s time for class now……”

“Got it, teacher!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort.  She didn’t even spare Jiang Yi Liang a glance as she sat down.

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