Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1672: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 10)

Actually, she was much happier deep down than on the surface.  She knew why, but she didn’t admit it.

There was probably a bit of anger left because Jiang Yi Liang was a bit curious about Luo Qing Chen.

Second year, class A.

The autumn scent filled the air and leaves fell one by one outside.  With a breeze, they floated into the classroom and landed on her textbook.

Two minutes before class, Jiang Yi Liang slowly came over.  His expression didn’t look good as he walked over to where she was.

Because class A mainly had people who liked to laze around, although they couldn’t help looking up when Jiang Yi Liang came in, they weren’t as excited as people in the other classes.

When Su Man who was sitting behind Luo Qing Chen saw Jiang Yi Liang coming over, she quickly sat up.  She was always ready to show her most beautiful side to her male god.

Luo Qing Chen was currently talking to Mo Ze Chen on QQ, it was night in America where he was.

Shen Zhe: It’s a bit boring.

Although it was only four short words, Mo Ze Chen hesitated a long time before sending them.

Finally his hand trembled and he sent them.

Little Fairy Qing Qing: It’s this late, why aren’t you asleep?

As soon as she got the message, Luo Qing Chen immediately replied.  After all, if the male lead was calling, she would be ready at any time.

Shen Zhe: I’m adjusting to the time difference ahead of time.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t notice someone coming over and had her head down as she kept typing.

Then there was a tall figure that was standing in front of her before she could even send the message.

The other side had a very familiar scent, one that was very beautiful for the previous host.

She quickly hid her iPhone X and looked up at this figure.

“Luo Qing Chen, I think I must make it clear to you.”  Jiang Yi Liang’s voice wasn’t light or heavy, but there was an absolute chill to it.

He had accidentally seen Luo Qing Chen’s message and had quickly taken a peek.

‘It’s this late, why aren’t you asleep?’  She was talking to someone else.

It was the middle of the day, she must be sending this to someone who was abroad.

Could it be that it was because of this person that Luo Qing Chen’s personality had suddenly changed?

After Jiang Yi Liang’s words, everyone in the class looked over.

She narrowed her eyes and a look that made it hard for her not to fight back appeared.  She slowly stood up with her hands in her pockets, “Oh, if it isn’t classmate Jiang, what do you need?”

She leaned against the wall next to the window, narrowing her eyes as she coldly looked at Jiang Yi Liang.

She could clearly tell that he came with bad intentions.

“You…..and your dog friends aren’t allowed to approach Dan Dan from this day forth.  You know in your hearts what you’ve done.”  When Jiang Yi Liang said these words, Su Man behind her shrunk her head back, completely different from how she was sitting up earlier.

All the classmates took a cold breath.  Luo Qing Chen, Jiang Yi Liang, Pei Dan Dan, there were all kinds of rumours in the school about this love triangle.

Of course, most people were standing on Luo Qing Chen’s side.  After all, the people of this private school looked down on commoners like Pei Dan Dan.

In their hearts, Pei Dan Dan naturally couldn’t match Jiang Yi Liang.

“Un humph?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort before revealing a cold smile, “I want to give you two choices right now.”

“What did you say?”  He knitted his brows as his eyes filled with a trace of doubt.

Luo Qing Chen said with a grin, “One, you can close your mouth.  Two, we’ll go fight right now, let’s not waste words if we can fight, alright?”

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