Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1671: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 9)

The next morning, she woke up on time at eight.  As a second year in high school, even if it was the weekend, she still had to go to school.

The previous host had a car, so she drove herself to the school.

The Star Royal Academy was a first class private academy, so many people drove to school each day.

Especially Luo Qing Chen who was a rich person among rich people.  Not only did she drive her car in, she even had a special parking spot.

Of course, people like Pei Dan Dan could only take the bus to school.

But recently Jiang Yi Liang had been driving her to school.

Luo Qing Chen felt the previous host was pitiful when she thought of this.  After all, she had wanted to sit in Jiang Yi Liang’s car so much before.

It was a pity that she never had a chance.

Luo Qing Chen’s parking spot was 33 and Jiang Yi Liang’s was 32.  She used to wait here to sneak a peek at Jiang Yi Liang.

But what she got would always be him and Pei Dan Dan exchanging soft whispers.

As a result, she felt very uncomfortable sitting here and felt very depressed in her heart.

This feeling should be from the previous host…..

After parking her car, she put her hands into her pocket and put on her expensive backpack before heading forward without even looking back.

Jiang Yi Liang silently looked at her before quickly looking away.

But…...It was noticed by Pei Dan Dan.

“What is it?”  It was like she could see through his thoughts and she whispered in his ear, “If you feel it’s strange, just ask about it!”

The luckiest thing in Pei Dan Dan’s life was meeting Jiang Yi Liang because he made her feel a warmth that she had never felt before.

Although she always knew that Jiang Yi Liang had a fiancee named Luo Qing Chen, she also knew that Jiang Yi Liang didn’t like her at all, even hating her.

She didn’t feel any hostility towards Luo Qing Chen, she just felt a bit uncomfortable.

After all, there was no woman in this world willing to share their man.

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t willing, naturally Pei Dan Dan also wasn’t willing.

She wasn’t willing to see how Jiang Yi Liang had looked at Luo Qing Chen.

She was a smart girl and knew that when a man had this kind of inquisitive gaze towards a girl, he would become more curious and would want to approach her.

In the past, Jiang Yi Liang had looked at her like this, so she was very clear on this.

“Her?”  Jiang Yi Liang took her hand and had a faint sparkle in his eyes, “The way she’s acting is what I dream of.”

“But you really aren’t curious at all?”  Pei Dan Dan casually said, “She used to come to the door of our commoner classroom as soon as class was over……”

“She went there to cause you trouble?”  Jiang Yi Liang’s throbbing heart suddenly filled with disappointment.  He seriously looked at Pei Dan Dan and asked, “If she does anything to you, tell me!”

“No…..She didn’t.”  Pei Dan Dan shook her head and gave a sigh, “It isn’t just her who doesn’t like me at this school.  However, since you’ve chosen me, I can take the cold treatment from those people.”

She looked down a bit.  Although she felt a bit aggrieved, she didn’t say anything else.

Jiang Yi Liang felt pained looking at her and tightly held her hand, “Relax, I, Jiang Yi Liang guarantee that I definitely won’t let Luo Qing Chen bully you!  Not only her, I guarantee that no one in the Star Royal Academy will bully you!  You are my Jiang Yi Liang’s woman!”

Pei Dan Dan revealed a gentle smile as she looked at him, “I feel that everything is worth it if you say this, it really is good having you!”

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