Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1666: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 4)

Su Man was a bit confused as she stared at her back.  She narrowed her eyes and muttered, “This person must have eaten the wrong medicine today!”

She was in a somewhat bad mood.  Luo Qing Chen always cared about Pei Dan Dan’s matters before, what was wrong with her today!

She was feeling a bit annoyed, she wasn’t willing to see Pei Dan Dan appear in front of Jiang Yi Liang at all.

School hunk Jiang was that beautiful, so dazzling, so excellent, how could he be with that commoner!

Even his childhood friend Luo Qing Chen, she only felt jealousy and didn’t feel hatred.

After all, she was still from a wealthy family and could be considered a good match with Jiang Yi Liang.  She couldn’t say anything about that, but that commoner Jiang Yi Liang, she felt disgust from the bottom of her heart.

During lunch, Luo Qing Chen took a small path to leave the campus through the back exit.

She never thought that when she went through the library, she would run into Jiang Yi Liang and Pei Dan Dan.

As expected, enemies always meet on a narrow path in this world.

Under the cherry blossoms, there was a soft breeze.  The girl looked at the boy with a faint smile, like the prince and Cinderella from the fairy tales.

Only when Jiang Yi Liang saw Luo Qing Chen, his beautiful face suddenly turned dark.

Pei Dan Dan beside him was surprised before pulling at his sleeve, “Let’s go to the library!”

Actually, Pei Dan Dan knew that Luo Qing Chen was Jiang Yi Liang’s fiancee in name no matter what.

She knew her own identity and knew that she should avoid suspicion.

“What are you afraid of, could it be that this road was paved by her family?”  Jiang Yi Liang gave a cold snort as his eyes filled with hostility.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug.  She held her head high and walked past them with her hands in her pocket.

Jiang Yi Liang was surprised as his black eyes filled with a trace of confusion.

He looked at Luo Qing Chen and when she was about to pass, he said, “What are you doing here?  Don’t think that I don’t know your tricks.  Stay away from Dan Dan or else…..”

“Ai, I say, this classmate.”  Luo Qing Chen coldly looked at him, “Could it be that this path was paved by your family?”

After experiencing so much, she had grown quite a bit.  At least in terms of dealing with people, she never fell behind.

She didn’t approve of what the previous host did, but that didn’t mean that this idiot man and trash woman were qualified to comment on her being here!

This treasure just came here and experienced this kind of hatred, this treasure also knows how to be angry!

As expected, when she said this, the two of them were stunned.

Normally the previous host said something else.

“Yi Liang, let’s go watch a movie tonight!  When are you coming home……”

“Yi Liang, I miss you…...Don’t be with her, she can’t match you!”

“You…...You commoner fox, you’re trying to take Yi Liang!  I will beat you to death!”

However she would always be the one who fell to the ground.  She was like a little clown, trading love for continuous humiliation!

With this contrast, just based on their expressions, Luo Qing Chen knew that her words had made them completely lost.

Because neither Jiang Yi Liang or Pei Dan Dan said a word.

She left their view just like this, walking out the back entrance.

“She seems…...a bit strange today!”  Pei Dan Dan said in a soft voice, “Did you say something to her?”

She felt that this was the first time Luo Qing Chen wasn’t reprimanded by Jiang Yi Liang.  There was a strange feeling that spread through her heart…..

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