Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1664: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 2)

Accepting the memories of the previous host, there was love and hatred.

Love because half her personality resembled her.

Loving someone, being persistent.

Hating her…...It wasn’t considered hate, but she didn’t approve of her methods.

But in the end, she got the retribution she deserved.  Everyone betrayed her and went against her.

The previous host was a second year in high school and also a very popular streamer on Big Pineapple TV because she was talented at playing games.

From one of the four big families of A City, the supporting male lead Jiang Yi Liang was her childhood friend.  As a righteous person, Jiang Yi Liang was someone with status in the Jiang Family.

But the supporting male lead didn’t love her.  He never loved her since they were kids.

Actually, when Jiang Yi Liang first appeared in her mind, she almost thought that he was the male lead.

Because he was just too dazzling.

The Luo Family and Jiang Family had always been friends and the engagement between the previous host and Jiang Yi Liang had been set a long time ago.

This was something the previous host looked forward to, but Jiang Yi Liang hated it very much.

In his eyes, someone he didn’t love wasn’t qualified to be his wife.

Actually, this wasn’t wrong.

But it hurt too much for the one who was willing.

She was drawn into a prison of her own making and couldn’t leave without Jiang Yi Liang’s love.

She always thought that she had a chance and worked hard to make Jiang Yi Liang look at her.

But she was wrong…...

When Jiang Yi Liang met Pei Dan Dan, he learned the meaning of true love.

It was a pity that in the eyes of the previous host, this Pei Dan Dan wasn’t worth mentioning.  She was born in a normal family and had entered the Star Royal Academy as a student.

To the previous hose, the supporting female lead wasn’t worth competing with her.

It was a pity that in the eyes of the person who never had his eyes on her, she became the only one in his heart.

Pei Dan Dan was a super supporting female lead.  In Jiang Yi Liang’s eyes, she was a strong, kind, smart, and beautiful girl.

In the Star Royal Academy, Pei Dan Dan was always alone because getting into this school just based on academics wasn’t enough to make everyone recognize her.

Of course, the one who targeted her the most was the previous host.

After all, the hatred of a love rival was the greatest.

But this smart, kind, and beautiful girl always had a protector by her side.  The previous host harassed her again and again, angering her again and again, but she couldn’t get Jiang Yi Liang to feel her love.

Rather, he was filled with hatred.

As the saying goes, evil people will have their retribution.  After the previous host framed Pei Dan Dan again and again, it was finally revealed.

Because Jiang Yi Liang stood up for Pei Dan Dan, the previous host was targeted by everyone.

Those sisters that had been with her again and again desperately tried to flatter the Jiang Family.

The supporting female lead naturally let them go and said she didn’t blame them.

But Jiang Yi Liang didn’t do this.  He didn’t let any people who bullied Pei Dan Dan off.

Among them naturally included the previous host.

In the last time, the previous host tried to die with Pei Dan Dan, forcing her into her car.

Then she stepped on the pedal and crashed into a truck.

She died, but Pei Dan Dan didn’t die.

Although she was heavily injured, with the careful care of Jiang Yi Liang, she recovered in the end.

The two of them lived a happy life together!

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