Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1663: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 1)

When she opened her eyes, she was back in the Chaos Space.

She had been in the last world for a long time.  After ten years of worrying, Shi Yi Bei finally retired to become the successor of the rice Prosper Group.

And she was the rich wife who slept on top of this money.

Actually, Shi Yi Bei didn’t stay in the army for ten years, it was more roughly around eight years.

Because Luo QIng Chen would always appear on the battlefield with a Kar 98K and cleared everything.

Major Shi understood his wife’s fears and immediately arranged his retirement.

After all, bullets didn’t have eyes on the battlefield and his heart couldn’t take this kind of shock!

After retiring, Shi Yi Bei and Luo Qing Chen spent most of their time on the Shi Family property.  They became the biggest philanthropists in A City, specializing in helping poor children.

Shi Ze approved of this since Shi Yi Bei’s mother had been serious about this before.

It seemed that after receiving the blessing of the heavens after their despair, nothing big happened to them afterwards.

They lived a happy and warm life together.

[Welcome back host.  Does the host want to see what happened before you died?]

“No need, dying of old age is acceptable!”  She felt that she was not as hypocritical as before.  She knew about the cycle of life and knew that people were destined to meet or move forward.


[The following is a summary of the previous mission.  Host, please properly look over it.]

Name: Luo Qing Chen

World: «Being a popular singer: Hello sir major!»

Mission completion rate: 100%

Experience: 5500/10000

There are currently five items in the spatial storage (5/6): [Exquisite Ring], [Nine Section Moon Whip], [Moon Glass Fan], [Phoenix Dance Sword], [Universal Medicine Box].

Permanent abilities: Space and time freeze level 3 (Upgraded)

Exchange points: 8000+4000=12000

Base points: 40

[[The host’s twenty ninth mission panel is below.]

Appearance: 93/100

Strength: 93/100

Intelligence: 92/100

Figure: 90/100

After that, the image in the bronze mirror changed.

[Mission Grade: B]

[Experience gained: 500.]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: Mo Ze Chen

Supporting female lead: Pei Dan Dan

Supporting male lead: Jiang Yi Liang

Mission content: [Return to ten days before the female lead died and obtain the love of the male lead.]

“I suddenly feel the system is so bad!  There’s nothing but experience for finishing this mission!”

[The special world is about to come, the host will receive a special bag and a permanent ability.]

“The problem is…...I don’t want to experience it.”

[Sorry, the host doesn’t have a choice.]

[Currently importing memories, please accept them, host!]

The overwhelming memories filled her mind.  The previous host’s regret, unwillingness, and persistent love filled her mind.

To be honest, the previous host wasn’t a good person in this world.  She was even a villain who schemed against the supporting male lead and the supporting female lead.

The previous host had been able to choose Luo Qing Chen through the bronze mirror because of her persistent love and regret.

For the previous host, if she could redo her life, she wouldn’t have fallen in love with Jiang Yi Liang and wished that she never fell in love.

Loving a person to become a dark and cruel version of yourself that wasn’t like you.

But Luo Qing Chen doubted the word ‘return’, is ten days before death considered return?

It can’t be that a strange mess would be thrown at her, right!

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