Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1661: Side story: I want to grow old with you once I become careless (Part 3)

Su Cheng Yin said that this was the first time she’s seen me this tenacious.

For me, it really was the first time.

Because I would definitely keep the three promises I made to you.

When I returned to the ‘human realm’ again, I couldn’t help crying standing under the sun.

This was probably the happiest I had ever been, I was finally back.

And you standing in the most dazzling position looked so good.

At first, I was worried.  On the way to the concert, I always struggled with whether to see you in front of everyone.

But when I thought of how you looked at me, I would strangely believe that you loved me and I believed that I had an important position in your heart.

Because in the thousand mile journey through the snowy mountain, I kept dreaming of seeing you.  I dreamed of you holding a doll in a daze, dreamed of you being alone in a lit house and then hiding yourself under the bed.

My heart hurt from this and I would wake up in the cold night when I wanted to hold you.

There was only snow around me and you weren’t there.

Facing this despair, I suddenly felt like all of us were forgotten by everyone in this world, forgotten by god.

It was a good thing that I could come back.

A bouquet of dandelions is probably best for our reunion.

No one could understand how excited I was when I saw you.

She stood there hesitantly with red eyes and I rushed towards you with everything, wanting to hold you!

At a concert with a hundred thousand people, you stood in front of me with a white dress that was like a wedding dress.

This illusion made me think that this was our wedding and each fan was here to witness our happiness.

As I slowly walked towards her, there was someone that flew off the stage.

Thousands of thoughts filled my mind that covered my heart layer by layer.

It was a good thing that I persevered, it was a good thing that I came back.

The days after coming back, she would call me in the middle of the night to make sure that I was back.

During this time, I could feel the anxiety, but she pressed it down so I wouldn’t see it.

That was when I realized that I wasn’t the only one in pain in the past year.

She was the same…...

I would turn my phone as long as I could while sleeping and put it as close as possible so I could pick up as soon as I heard her call.

I fulfilled all three of my promises to her, working hard for our future.

Many of my comrades came to my wedding and she threw the bouquet to Su Cheng Yin.  Yu Xing Fan not far away scratched his head with his remaining arm and when he was about to say something, Su Cheng Yin rushed up to hug him.

At that moment, she was very happy smiling beside me in that white wedding dress.

When making toasts, her agent Xiao Jiu told me something that left a deep impression on me.

“Since you left, I’ve never seen her smile so happily.  I feel that this is what life should be about.”

I took a long vacation and went on vacation with her.  She was more excited than I thought and she talked about my heroic deeds the entire way.

Actually, she never would have known that since that time, she was already a dazzling star in my heart.

I used to think that the best thing in life was meeting.

Only later did I realize that the rarest thing was reuniting.

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