Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1660: Side story: I want to grow old with you once I become careless (Part 2)

I clearly remembered that when the three words ‘Luo Qing Chen’ came from the walkie talkie, my heart was beating very fast.

My fingers wouldn’t stop trembling as my heart felt like it was about to jump out.

But she came forward without a care with a faint smile on her face.

I could hear the sound of her sniper and her relaxed tone as she faced the enemy.

At that moment, my head was buzzing.  It was as if there was nothing important to me.

I just wanted to get to her side as soon as possible and protect her.

This was my first time running like this, I didn’t even care about the bullets around me.

When I tightly held her, I truly felt relieved.

It turned out that it only took a single day for her to become this important in my heart.

I even knew that I would rather lose my life than to see her being hurt at all.

Later, I was hurt.

I never thought that her medical skills would be so good as well.

She brought my life back and I could even hear her beautiful voice in my daze.

Although, there was a bit of a tremble to it…...

I knew that I had made her worry, but this worry made me feel strangely happy.

There were times that I thought that if I kept getting hurt, she would always be by my side.

Because the day you leave, I will miss you very much.

I quickly dealt with the matters in the White Cliff United Nations and immediately flew back.

I wanted to directly find you, but I suddenly heard that you were dragged into a senior management meeting at Prosper.

When a beauty needs to be saved, I will naturally appear in a special way.

For example, as the only successor of Prosper.

For example, as the young master Shi they spoke of.

When I saw your surprised appearance, I felt very satisfied.

When those annoying people were being aggressive, there is no need for you to say anything because I can deal with them alone.

I suddenly felt that having power really could let me protect the people beside me.

At least you could stand firmly beside me.

Those random people, I’ll take care of them.

Later I learned that the man Jiang Si Zhe who spoke up at the meeting was her ex boyfriend.

He really wasn’t a good person.  After I learned this, I had a friend invade his computer in an extreme method.

All those photos came out.  Since he was a popular star, just a single report in the newspaper was enough to instantly ruin him.

In fact, I didn’t let her know that I did this.

After all, I hoped that in her eyes, I would always be the righteous major Shi who didn’t use these methods.

But for her, I could be less righteous.

Everything had become insignificant because of one mission.

That was the time in my life when I was filled with the most despair.  Surviving became my only belief, but it was so hard to do.

Normal people couldn’t imagine how horrifying an avalanche was.  Our Silver Soul Troop was stuck in the cave under the thick snow for half a month.

We ate worms from the ground and drank the snow that melted.

But even so, we persisted.

I knew that I wanted to return to her side, I had to return to her side no matter what.

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