Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1659: Side story: I want to grow old with you once I become careless (Part 1)

I have travelled far and wide, going through hardships just to hold your hand and grow old together.  ——Shi Yi Bei.

I grew up in a household with one parent, my mother was a soldier.

A one in a million soldier that became the youngest major in just three years after entering the army.

It was a military rank that used many lives to exchange for, but my mother did it.

She was besieged and in order to save a child, she became a hostage, finally being tortured to death.

I still remember what her corpse looked like, there wasn’t a single piece of her skin intact.

At that moment, I decided that I would become a soldier.

My father didn’t stop me.  I knew that he would never forget about my mother’s death.

He agreed in his heart since he also wanted to kill his enemies, but he couldn’t do it at his age.

The day I became a major, I went to visit my mother.  The snow fell very hard and there were pink petals floating in the sky.

I didn’t know what an omen was then, but I learned afterwards.

The first time I saw her was at the White Cliff base.  Actually, I felt a strange sense of excitement, it might have been love at first sight.

Because there were few songs on my phone and they were almost all from her.

My father told me about Prosper sponsoring the medical trials, but I never thought that she would come.

In that down jacket, she was more dazzling than those that ‘wanted to show off without caring about the temperature’.

I didn’t hear anything Su Cheng Yin said beside me, my eyes were just strangely pulled in.

It was a very dramatic love at first sight!

Then came the shooting competition.  When I saw her filled with confidence, I felt that she wasn’t bragging.

Although the A grade training was an impossible task for normal people, my mind strangely believed that she could do it!

Facts proved that my thoughts weren’t wrong.

When everyone was amazed by her, I was filled with admiration towards her.

I had been good with the revolver, but I’ve never seen such amazing use of it.

I saw a rare frustration on the face of the always arrogant Su Cheng Yin, but she still gave a casual shrug like nothing was wrong.

I suddenly found that my love for her was strangely deep and there were things that kept rising as things developed.

That night, the snow was very deep, but I went to the temporary residence they were staying in.  I never thought that I would be photographed by her.

Then, I seemed to have a reason to talk to her.

Roasted sweet potatoes were a good choice.

I thought that she would reject me, but I never thought that she would agree.

I didn’t know what kind of person she liked.  Was it a cold man or was it someone like me, a soldier that loved to joke around.

But I never thought that the sweet potatoes would turn into a disaster.

There was an attack on Rock City by militants and we were ordered to go.

She actually told me at that time that she wanted to go…..

I knew that she could shoot and knew from her calm eyes that she was different from others.

But I was still very determined not to let her go.  I could tell from her slightly knitted brows that she…..hated me.

But even if she hated me, I still didn’t change my mind.  I never thought that she would still come to Rock City with Tian Xin.

And I still didn’t know…..how she did it all!

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