Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1658: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (End)

“So, our Qing Chen is jealous of the troop?”  Seeing her cute appearance, Shi Yi Bei couldn’t help feeling that he had fallen in love at first sight because of it.  It was perhaps that she was so cute that she was so mesmerizing.

At that moment, he couldn’t help falling deeply.

“Humph!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort before immediately revealing a bright smile, “Ha, ha!  I tricked you!  After all, didn’t you come looking for me first?”

Actually, she knew that in Shi Yi Bei’s life, she was a million times more important than anything or anyone.

“I was told it was your concert as soon as I got off the plane, I wanted to head there right away, but sergeant Su stopped me.  She said that you wouldn’t recognize me like that…..”  Shi Yi Bei looked at her, “What to do, you look like you’re still eighteen and I look like I’m in my thirties.”

After a year of experiencing what normal people would never experience, whether it was his face or his body, they had all changed.

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a thoughtful nod, “Shouldn’t uncles like lolis?  So major Shi, you can just become a lolicon!”

Actually, no matter how Shi Yi Bei changed, she just needed to see his eyes and she would definitely recognize him.

No matter how old he became, she would be able to recognize him with a single look.

“No, I’m a Qing Chen con.”  Shi Yi Bei’s deep eyes had a faint sparkle in them, “As long as it’s you, I can’t control my love.”

He gently took her in his arms and said, “I will never leave you in the future.  I won’t let you see that dark envelope again, I won’t let you fall into despair.”

He gently said these moving words, almost making her cry.

In the end, god gave her a happy ending.  She didn’t take away her important person.

Three months later, they had a romantic wedding in a sea of flowers in Provence.

Other than her friends, the only ones there were soldiers!

It had to be said that his was a very interesting wedding.  Even when the wine was ordered, they could hear ‘1, 2, 3, 4”.

The words ‘sister in law’ had been said again and again.  She had suddenly become the sister in law of the military.

At the banquet, Xiao Jiu looked at her with a face covered in tears and didn’t forget to say, “Do you want to hear some gossip?”

“Of course, what is it!”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip of wine as she listened to Xiao Jiu’s gossip.

“That Qiao Na was also arrested.”  Xiao Jiu said, “It’s said that she was found selling illegal things!”

“Damn!  Really!”  Luo Qing Chen said with an excited look, “That really is something!”

Xiao Jiu on the side saw her appearance and after a while, she slowly said, “I didn’t understand how important young master Shi was in your heart before, but now I know.”

His return had turned her into a normal person, a normal person with all kinds of emotions.


After the wedding, the the two of them travelled the world.  They went to the north pole, of course they didn’t forget to go to the White Cliff United Nations.

In the snow, Shi Yi Bei took a camera and captured her most beautiful moment.

He called out to her after he took the final photo and she called back.

“Wife.”  He called out behind her while holding the camera.

“Un?”  He pressed the shutter the moment she turned around.

“Un, truly beautiful!”

That year, in the white snow.  In this turbulent world, having just you is enough.

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