Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1653: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 67)

On the bright stage, she quietly sang every song which had mesmerized everyone present.

The fans cheered out her name and comforted her a bit.

After the concert was over, she once again appeared in the hot search after a year.  There was no gossip, no scandal.

She had quietly sang those twenty songs and used her voice to move her fans.

This was an unparalleled feast for the ears.

At midnight, she sent a post to commemorate the most important person in her life.

Luo Qing Chen V: Time has passed and a year of loss, I even envy the position you have in my heart.

In less than a minute, her post had been raided by all her fans and Weibo was sent into chaos.

Glazed Glass Who’s Been Around the World: Qing Chen, cheer up, we’ll always be here.  1038 Likes.

Little Sprout: I don’t know what it is, but when I hear you sing, I always think of my own stories.  856 Likes.

Xiao Qing Qing’s Miao Miao: It’s because of everything you’ve gone through that I admire your strength.  722 Likes.

White Fireworks: Please have a happy life, even if it’s for us!  600 Likes.


Most of the ones that replied right away were true fans that had been with her the entire time.

They knew the pain in her heart, so they could understand the meaning of her words.

Tonight was the death anniversary of Shi Yi Bei.

He had disappeared for an entire year from her life.  In the first few days and weeks, she still had hope that he would suddenly appear by her side to take her in his arms.

After three hundred and sixty five days, she no longer had hope.

When hope became illusions, there were only sad thoughts left.

“Di, di.”

There was a message from QQ, it was a message from her agent Xiao Jiu.

Wine Intoxicates the Heart: I have some shocking news, do you want to hear it???

Xiao Jiu was someone with a very special habit, she liked to add more punctuations after her sentences.

Only Hating Being Rushed: What is it?

She changed to this name afterwards.  These words represented her feelings.

Wine Intoxicates the Heart: Jiang Si Zhe has been caught!  I heard that he was finally exposed for being with a fan!  And the fan was quite young!

Only Hating Being Rushed: Un, quite good.  I’m going to sleep, I need to prepare for another concert tour tomorrow.

Xiao Jiu on the other side was surprised before giving a sigh.  Every time she wanted to say something to cheer her up, it never worked.

She wrote ‘good night’ in the chat, but the other side’s profile had gone dark.

Turning off her computer, Luo Qing Chen laid in bed and took two sleeping pills before praying to dream about the youth in the military uniform!

She really did dream of his sacrifice that night.

In the white snow, one heavy step after the other.

She couldn’t see his eyes, but she could feel how tired he was.

He seemed to be very tired…...like he wanted to escape.

The dream was very long, so long that she slept an entire day without opening her eyes.

When she woke up, it was already the morning of the day after.

“Ah!”  She looked at her phone and her hands couldn’t help shaking.

She was probably too tired recently, so tired that she slept for twenty four hours.

After being certain that an entire day had passed, she shook her head and revealed a self-deprecating smile, ‘It’s good not to go either, I still don’t believe that you left me.  I won’t believe it without seeing a corpse.”

In this life…..she would never believe.

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