Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1651: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 65)

Waiting…..was like a long journey.

Waiting without end was like waiting for the end of life, other than days passing, it was suffering.

She didn’t like waiting, but she had to accept it.

After taking sleeping pills and doing stupid things, she would strangely wake up each time and go to the hospital, wrapping up her wounds.

Since Shi Yi Bei’s matter was revealed, she had even more fans that before.

It was probably because since this matter, she never posted on Weibo or used Shi Yi Bei’s death to get more fame.

When a person was truly miserable, they didn’t have the heart to do anything.

She liked being alone the most, being in a dark corner and thinking of the past.

Spring and autumn passed, the blossoms bloomed.

A year later, she was holding her first concert.  The concert tickets were all taken by the fans and even scalpers couldn’t help being shocked by how fast the fans moved.

During this year, she didn’t participate in any event and only Xiao Jiu, who was her agent, stayed with her.

After Shi Ze learned of this, he didn’t give more work to Xiao Jiu and gave her a position that no one could match in Prosper.

Luo Qing Chen felt grateful for this father.  In her eyes, Shi Ze was different from the other people in the business world.

He allowed Shi Yi Bei to be a soldier and allowed Shi Yi Bei to choose the woman he would love.

Such an open minded person was someone who others couldn’t help admire.

“The concert tour will start tomorrow, the first stop will be A City and the final stop will also be A City.”  Xiao Jiu looked over the itinerary and said, “Let’s do it slowly, there’s no rush!”

Hearing Xiao Jiu say this, she couldn’t help feeling pain in her chest, but she still slowly looked up with a smile, “Alright!”

“Your smile really is ugly.”  Xiao Jiu thoughtfully touched her cheek, “There are still many people in this world who love Luo Qing Chen, you should let go.”

She pursed her lips and shook her head after a while, “I don’t want to.”

One year, an entire year.  From spring to summer to fall to winter before another spring and summer.

There was no news about the people far away and as more time passed, the less hope there was.

But she couldn’t forget, it was meaningless to stay here if she did.

Xiao Jiu gave a sigh and helplessly shook her head.

There were some people who were born stubborn.

The concert was held as normal and the fans came in the same clothing, which had the green glow to them.

The banners, the lights, the batons, all of them were green.

They knew that she loved green the most.

“Long time no see, everyone, this concert has been delayed for a long time.”  Luo Qing Chen sat in front of the piano with a faint sparkle in her eyes, “I think that every song for me now is a parting song.”

“Qing Chen, don’t cry!”  The fans called out her name, looking like they felt her sadness with her.

In this troubled world, giving her a bit of warmth.

“Got it, let’s…..sing!”


He came to listen to my concert.

I had my first date at the age of seventeen.

The boy lined up all night for her.

Using half a year of savings to buy a single ticket.


Countless batons swayed to the music, this was the only night she had been moved this year.

That youth had once said that he would definitely come to her concert.

But now he had broken this promise for an entire year…...

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