Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1649: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 63)

To my dearest fiancee: I’ve been in the army for all these years and I’ve never written a final letter, this is my first time.

My father and I have a tacit understanding, no news coming from the battlefield is good news.

Even if there was news, we can’t reveal the details because we are soldiers who protect the peace and justice of the country.

But this time, I finally have someone to write to.  But I’ve found that I’m not willing to let this letter fall into your hands.

But if by some misfortune that this letter does fall into your hands, it means that I was a liar.

I never promised you anything and I also…..never loved you.

Please don’t remember this liar who has never loved you because he has already forgotten you.

——Shi Yi Bei.

In his final letter, there was no sense of longing, there was no reluctance.

The black words on the white letter could be described in eight short words: I never loved you, please forget about me.

“Truly a fool……”  With a choked up voice, her hands holding the letter couldn’t help trembling.

She didn’t know how helpless he was surrounded by militants on a distant snowy mountain.

Clearly he went to help, but the people who needed his help had abandoned him.

If possible, she wanted to be by his side at that moment, holding his hand and telling him that she was there.

Life and death wasn’t important, the most important thing was being by his side, being by his side, being by his side.

She didn’t know how she fell asleep, but she knew that her dream lasted a long time.  Shi Yi Bei in her dream was very gentle, being as dazzling as that day in the meeting room in his civilian clothing.

She wanted to take his hand, but she found that everything in front of her was void, like she was back in the Chaos Space.  Everything was empty and she couldn’t see a trace of light.

Shi Yi Bei in her dream just kept smiling and patting her head, touching her face.

Luo Qing Chen wanted to ask something, but she found that she couldn’t make a sound.  Her tears silently fell down and he raised a hand to softly wipe it off for her.

The image became more blurry and there was an exhausted voice that rang by her ear.

Wait for me, wait for me to come back.

“Ding ling.”  There was the phone ringing again.  She knitted her brows and wanted to throw her aside, but then she remembered the final words Shi Yi Bei said in her dream.

It was like her body was hit with adrenaline and she was instantly refreshed.


“Qing Chen…..Are you…...Are you alright?”

“Sorry, Xiao Jiu.”  She bit her lip, “If you’re just here to comfort me, I still want to be alone.”

As soon as her voice fell, she was about to hang up.

“Qing Chen, young master Shi’s memorial service…..Are you going?”  Xiao Jiu didn’t forget to ask, “No one in the company knows about this, it was that man who came yesterday who told me this, the one who’s chairman Shi’s assistant.”

Luo Qing Chen only heard two words this entire time.

Memorial service, memorial service, memorial service.

“I’ll go……”

“It’s half past seven tomorrow.”


She hung up and took a deep breath before walking into the bathroom.

When the hot water fell over her head, she felt like she had come back from the brink of death a bit.

She took out a black windbreaker, a black hat, black clothes, and a black bag from her closet.

Standing in front of her mirror, her tears almost came out.

The white wedding dress had turned into black mourning clothes.

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