Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1639: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 53)

When Shi Yi Bei said this, everyone in the conference room had shocked looks.

That naturally included Luo Qing Chen.

But her shock was different from everyone else’s because she knew Shi Yi Bei better than anyone here.

The Flying Dragon Platoon’s major, the Silver Soul Troop’s captain, a person with absolute conviction actually said “selfish”, this really was hard to believe.

“I…...Young master Shi, I didn’t mean this.”  Qiao Na, who still wanted to fight back, completely panicked when Shi Yi Bei said to let her go.

She never thought that the other side would say this.  To let her go would mean that they would have to pay compensation, alright?  They had a contract!

“I think that I should have said it clearly.”  As soon as his voice fell, Shi Yi Bei turned to director Chen, “I’ll leave this to you, I’m leaving with Qing Chen.”

It was a very normal sentence, but it felt so warm in Luo Qing Chen’s heart.

She always felt that Shi Yi Bei was a cold and decisive person on the battlefield, but now that he was here, he gave her such a warm feeling.

She felt like she was being protected, although she was more than enough to deal with people like Qiao Na.

But this feeling of being protected by Shi Yi Bei made her feel happy.

“Young master Shi, wait a minute.”

When Shi Yi Bei took her hand and turned, Qiao Na called out from behind him.

Shi Yi Bei didn’t turn as he continued holding her hands and walking forward.

Qiao Qiao standing beside Qiao Na couldn’t help shouting, “Can’t you just wait?”

Although she knew that she was speaking up for Qiao Na, the other side was Prosper’s young master, so even if her voice was a bit impatient, there was a bit of pleading in it.

Shi Yi Bei narrowed his cold eyes and stopped to say, “You, don’t need to come tomorrow either.”

He didn’t turn when he said this and then he softly patted Luo Qing Chen’s head as he said with a gentle smile, “Do you want Chinese food or Western food for lunch?”

This kind of uncaring action made Qiao Na feel a shame that she had never felt before.

She was already filled with rage as she tightly clenched her fists to roar, “Young master Shi might not know this, but my contract with Prosper hasn’t expired yet.  You can’t just drive me away like this.”

“Things like contracts……”  Shi Yi Bei gave a shrug before saying with a faint smile, “Can be broken.”

“You…...You……”  Qiao Na’s face was completely red like she was about to cry.

She wanted to look for Jiang Si Zhe, but he had already moved away from her, wanting to get rid of any relationship with her.

Qiao Na felt helpless as she stood there as her expression changed many times.

Nervousness, awkwardness, worry, fear, and regret…...

She opened her mouth to say something, but Shi Yi Bei had already led Luo Qing Chen out of the room.

When the door to the conference room was closed, everyone began whispering to each other.

“Qiao Na, I don’t want to talk about you, but you actually dared to say these kinds of things.  Isn’t this……”

These friends were rather more kind.

“Che, wanting to climb up by pretending, but you were defeated without saying a thing.  This is the male lead’s way of teaching little white flowers.”

These were the people who were more hostile.

Director Chen on the side came back to his senses.  He fixed his tie and cleared his throat before turning to Qiao Na and Qiao Qiao, “Go down to the financial department to settle up.  The lawyers will come by later to take care of everything, your shows with Prosper will end now.”

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