His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 162 - Offering Sacrifices

Though Qi Zheng explained what happened at the Plum Appreciation Banquet simply, in reality, the situation was extremely dangerous. Even recalling the event now, the empress and Beitang Zhenjing still had lingering fear.

How could outsiders easily bribe palace maids from the strictly guarded palace? This was her, the empress’ Plum Appreciation Banquet. A wanted bitch was actually able to mess up the banquet that easily.

Thinking carefully now, if the crown prince was really drugged and ended up with Sheng Peiyin, that bitch...what would the emperor think? What would happen if the news spread and everyone saw?

Maybe the emperor might be suspicious of the crown prince for the Sheng Family’s betrayal.

The empress had lingering fear. Whenever she thought of this possibility, she was frightened.

Thankfully, Beitang Zhenjing was smart enough. She could tell that there was something strange with the pathing of the palace maid. Fortunately, the Ninth Prince had helped the crown prince change the wine. Otherwise, today’s Plum Appreciation Banquet would really...she, the empress, would definitely be the laughing stock of the entire Dazhou.

That Sheng Peiyin deserved death! She actually thought about seducing the crown prince. Without Imperial Consort Sun, that bitch’s help, how could Sheng Peiyin possibly get inside the palace? Even more, she bribed the palace maid and servants.

No matter what, this time, she’d use this opportunity to put an end to Imperial Consort Sun’s show.

Sheng Peiyin was still a wanted criminal, yet Imperial Consort Sun didn’t care. Could it be that she has an unspeakable secret with the Sheng Family?

The empress smiled in satisfaction. “Have someone monitor Sheng Peiyin in the hidden prison closely. Don’t let her die a baffling death.”

With how sinister and crafty Imperial Consort Sun, she might have someone kill Sheng Peiyin in order to destroy evidence.

“Empress mother.” The crown prince walked inside, his handsome face dark. Clearly, he was still unhappy with what just happened.

“Did you get a result?” Seeing her son, the empress’ face relaxed a bit.

The Plum Appreciation Banquet had ended on a bad note. The empress had people capture the palace maids and servants and let the crown prince personally interrogate them to see the mastermind behind this.

The crown prince exclaimed in a dark face, “No matter how I interrogate them, they refuse to say. The palace maid that drugged my wine already committed suicide by biting her tongue off.”

The empress’ face turned icy. “What about the others?”

“I’ve had people monitor them and fed them drugs. They won’t be able to commit suicide.” The crown prince said. He didn’t expect the palace servants to be so tough. They’ve almost been skinned alive, yet they refuse to say anything.

“Imperial Consort Sun must be behind this. That bitch. She’s been thinking of ways to get your father to abolish your title. Hmph. She thought that Sheng Peiyin could change something!” The empress was furious and wanted to crush Imperial Consort Sun.

“Empress mother, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get information out of them.” The crown prince’s handsome face revealed a glint of coldness. That Sheng Peiyin still hasn’t given up!

Even if he used to feel something towards that woman, he was only disgusted with her now.

“Where’s your Ninth Royal Uncle?” The empress asked. She hadn’t personally thanked him yet.

The crown prince was here to look for the Ninth Prince anyway. “I’m not sure if he left the palace yet. I’m looking for him too.”

“About him requesting a decree and asking for marriage?” The empress asked, smiling. “The Ninth Prince has been single all these years. He is finally willing to get married now. That’s incredible.”

The empress didn’t know that the Ninth Prince had rejected marriage for Sheng Peiyin in the past.

The crown prince didn’t plan on telling her about it either. “Right. I didn’t expect the Ninth Prince to want to marry the Shen Family’s fourth miss.”

It was unclear why but the crown prince had a feeling that if Shen Ziqiao hadn’t been bestowed to Qi Zheng, the Ninth Prince would’ve wanted to marry Shen Ziqiao.

“I just want to personally thank the Ninth Royal Uncle.” The crown prince said, his brows furrowing a bit.

The Ninth Prince had left the palace after requesting a decree. He came to the hidden prison where serious criminals were specially imprisoned here. Not long later, a jailor had led them to the darkest and gloomiest jail cell. The Ninth Prince glanced at the woman hiding in the corner, his face pale.

This woman looked unfamiliar to him but he knew who she was.

He loved this woman for so many years. He didn’t even need to open his eyes to know who she was. He could tell where she was just by the sound of her footsteps.

He had gone against the decree and refused to marry anyone for this woman. For her, he almost abandoned his title as a prince. He followed her out of the capital and became a businessman that he used to look down upon in Minyue.

He almost...did everything he could, even protecting her with his life.

But she didn’t care. She took it all for granted and accepted his assistance. She never thought about repaying his favors.

Hearing the footsteps, Sheng Peiyin slowly lifted her head and glanced at the Ninth Prince gloomily. Her expression turned sinister right then and she glared bitterly at him. “Why are you here? Why are you still here?”

He came to say goodbye to the past.

“Why do you have to do this? You knew that even if you got your way, the result will still be the same. There’s no way the crown prince will ever marry you. Why do you still have to do this?” The Ninth Prince didn’t understand what she was thinking. Didn’t she know her place?

She wasn’t a virgin anymore. Even more, her status couldn’t be exposed. Did she really think she could hide from everyone?

“No, he’ll love me and let me be his princess consort. I was framed!” Sheng Peiyin shook her head. She saw her future. She’d become an empress and rule over the world, not like this. She wasn’t a wanted criminal.

It was Shen Ziqiao...Shen Ziqiao framed her.

“You’re crazy.” The Ninth Prince looked at her pitifully. When he first saw her, he had already been captivated by her. She was charming and beautiful, virtuous and brilliant. She was different from ordinary women. Her every action was fascinating.

He was attracted to her and he fell in love. He truly wanted to marry her and make her his princess.

But she had higher expectations.

She wasn’t the Sheng Peiyin he used to be deeply in love with.

“Save me, nine. Save me.” Sheng Peiyin reached for the Ninth Prince’s sleeves and begged.

The Ninth Prince shook his head. “I’ve already requested a decree to bestow marriage. In the future...I’ll be devoted to my princess. I won’t allow you to trample over my heart anymore.”

He’s going to get married? Sheng Peiyin seemed to have heard something hilarious.

This man couldn’t leave her at all. How could he possibly go and marry another woman?

One could lose patience.

Just like how one’s love could be gone.

The Ninth Prince lost his patience with Sheng Peiyin and didn’t love her anymore.

He loved her more than he did himself. He almost died for her. It wouldn’t happen a second time.

“Hopefully…” The Ninth Prince said hoarsely, staring at Sheng Peiyin gloomily. “You’ll behave…”

“Ninth Prince!” Sheng Peiyin just realized that he was really going to give her up. She was afraid.

“Let’s not meet anymore.” The Ninth Prince brushed her hand off his sleeves and walked out.

Sheng Peiyin shrieked.

One could say whatever they wanted when they were loved. But they were nothing once they weren’t loved anymore.

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