Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1619: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 33)

Three seconds later, Shi Yi Bei seemed to have thought of something.  He immediately took the position Luo Qing Chen had been in and aimed the Tac-50 in his hand at the roof of the church in front of him.  After confirming that the other side had been suppressed, he turned around and looked at Luo Qing Chen with a strict expression.

“Do you not know that this is very dangerous?”  His eyes were a bit worried along with a bit of helplessness.  He wanted to yell, but he was a bit reluctant…..

This complicated emotion was one that he had never felt in his twenty years.

“Un!  I know it’s dangerous.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a simple nod before saying with a faint smile, “But I think it’s more dangerous for them.”

“Pu.”  Tian Xin standing at the door couldn’t help laughing.

Just what kind of confidence could let Luo Qing Chen say this.

“I really……”  Shi Yi Bei tightly knitted his brows before letting out a long sigh, “Don’t know how to handle you.”

Su Cheng Yin who had been on the ground had already started wrapping up Yu Xing Fan.  Yu Xing Fan looked at Luo Qing Chen in shock and said, “Was that really not luck?  It really is hard to believe.”

After being in the army for so many years, he had seen many powerful people, but he had never seen a star who had never had military training have such powerful skills.

If he didn’t see it, he wouldn’t have believed it.

“Let me see your luck, alright?”  Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes at him, “That was four hundred yards, you’re actually talking about luck!”

“I…..”  Yu Xing Fan was speechless, he couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

“Although my effective range shouldn’t just be this.”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, “But at this distance, I’m 100% certain that I can get a headshot!”

As soon as her voice fell, she put her hands into her uniform and looked at Shi Yi Bei, “If my guess isn’t wrong, your troop should be heading in the direction of the church.”

Shi Yi Bei looked at her and raised his right hand to pat her back as he said in a calm voice, “It’s a good thing you know to wear kevlar.”

“If I was hit by him, the bulletproof vest wouldn’t have saved me.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at her watch before shrugging, “There’s not much time left, we should move!”

When she was planning on heading forward, Shi Yi Bei suddenly pulled her back and looked at her with a serious gaze, “Without you.”

Even if her shooting was good, he couldn’t just let her go.

“Why?”  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows, feeling a bit unhappy!

After all, she had killed a sniper that was very powerful in their eyes, but she still didn’t receive Shi Yi Bei’s approval.

Why could Yu Xing Fan and Su Cheng Yin who were inferior to her in her eyes stand at his side on the frontlines?

“I’m not willing.”  Shi Yi Bei looked at her with a sparkle in his deep eyes.

He was no longer surprised by her abilities, he was completely shocked.

It was like she was so dazzling that when she appeared by him, he could only see her.

He couldn’t help approaching, he couldn’t help smiling, he couldn’t help secretly watching…...

With these thoughts, he couldn’t let her be put in any danger.

Him protecting her was something he should and would do and he wasn’t willing to let her protect him.

Not one bit!

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