Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1615: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 29)

“Sorry major Shi.”  The moustached leader didn’t move at all and just repeated in the same mechanical words, “This is the orders from above, our army won’t move that rashly!”

Shi Yi Bei felt the insignificance of a small country.

When people were born, god gave them the same building blocks.

But some people committed crimes while some were kind.  There were some…..who did nothing when they remained in their military posts.

Shi Yi Bei looked downstairs through the window and saw that the soldiers in the lines were all from the Silver Soul Troop.

As for the soldiers of the city, they couldn’t compare to the citizens that had been gathered.

“I understand.”  Shi Yi Bei narrowed his cold eyes and gave a cold snort, “As people who protect the citizens, we won’t set up a defensive position here.”

As soon as Shi Yi Bei’s voice fell, the other side panicked and quickly asked, “You….Where are you planning to go?”

Suddenly there was a bit of regret, he chose to save them in the end.

This group of soldiers who had no role to play.

He could understand the weak retreat of these people, but he couldn’t understand how these soldiers could let the citizens face the rain of bullets and still say that they can’t act ‘rashly’.

A joke!  This was simply a joke!

In the streets of Rock City, other than corpses, there were gazes filled with despair.

This sudden war had taken their smiles and hope, filling them with endless pain.

“God Bei calling, god Bei calling!”  Shi Yi Bei took the walkie talkie to give his orders, “All troops listen, the S class guards will move to the center of the city and create a one kilometer wide perimeter.  If the militants try breaking out, kill them all!”

“Yes!”  Voices came from the walkie talkie one by one, as if they were waiting for this order from Shi Yi Bei.

At this time, Su Cheng Yin and Yu Xing Fan in the bell tower had been locked onto by the red dots of snipers five hundred yards away.

With a ‘peng’ sound, a bullet hit Yu Xing Fan in the shoulder.

“Ah, un.”  With a grunt, he quickly pressed down Su Cheng Yin’s head and shouted, “Get down!”

“Peng, peng, peng.”  There were another three shots as a sniper on the roof of the church not far away shot with his MK14, looking over everything with his 4x red dot scope.

The man cursed as he looked into his scope again, but he couldn’t find anyone anymore.

The first shot definitely hit, but it wasn’t a headshot.

It seems like five hundred yards was his limit.  He clearly aimed for the head, but he hit the shoulder.

“Yu Xing Fan…..You…..Are you ok?”  Su Cheng Yin’s face turned pale as she saw the blood gushing out.

Being hit by a sniper was different from being hit by a pistol, the injury from a sniper was armour piercing.  Even if he was wearing a bulletproof vest, he could still be killed with a single shot.

“Did something happen?”  There was an ear shattering gunshot on the other side and Shi Yi Bei knitted his brows, “Fan, please respond.

“Ke…..Un…..Fan has received.”  Yu Xing Fan waved his hand, “Not far ahead…..on the roof of the church, there should be a sniper……”

“He is injured.  The bullet isn’t in his body, but the bleeding has to be stopped quickly.”  Su Cheng Yin said while panting, “The sniper is very good, his distance should be over four hundred yards.”

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