Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1607: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 21)

The discussions below were mainly negative, like they had been ‘caught’.

Must Have Love: Actually, I just want to know if the photo the paparazzi took last time is real or not.  So this is a…..love triangle?  @Qiao Na  @Jiang Si Zhe  @Luo Qing Chen  2365 Likes.

In a Flash: This photo looks so awkward to me, so my god Luo isn’t planning on participating in this show?  722 Likes.

-Which Years is the Present: I seemed to have heard that god Luo was participating, has this been confirmed yet?

Fluffy Little Bunny: My god Luo is participating in military training, alright?  Compared to this what True Love Show, it’s several grades higher, alright!

Because the previous host was a famous singer, her fans had called her god Luo.

Because the title of her first song was “God Luo”.

Luo Qing Chen casually scrolled down and most of the comments were about her relationship with the scum male and female.

“Ding dong.”  There was a special notification from Weibo, it was from a new post from Qiao Na.

The previous host had closely followed her.  She opened the list out of habit and found that there really were quite a few people the previous host followed.

Luo Qing Chen saw Qiao Na’s new post and couldn’t help giving a cold laugh.  This person really did go all out to pretend!

Qiao Na V: A busy day really is fulfilling, it’s good to have you.

Close eyes and V jpg!

It was the same uniform from the poster, but there was a faint male figure standing behind her.

Based on the height, it should be Jiang Si Zhe.

Before the two of them were even seen in the show, they were scattering dog food.

They could make the gossipers have doubts with these ambiguous words which would give them more popularity.

It seems like they should have finished recording the first episode.

“How about it, don’t you think you’re handsome?”  Xiao Jiu asked with a proud smile thinking she was still watching her own video.

“I’m looking at something else.”  When her voice fell, she stood up.  She put on a coat and walked to the balcony to take a scene of the beautiful and freezing snow.

Then she directly sent a post.

Luo Qing Chen V: Minus fifteen degree snow, I have the wine, do you have the story?

Snow jpg!

When she sent this, her teeth and her hands couldn’t stop trembling.

After staying in this temperature for half an hour, she would definitely be on her way to see the King of Hell!

The moment this post was sent, her phone began shaking.

At the same time, a certain young man standing under the lamp slowly picked up his phone and saw the picture of the white snow.

There was his back in the picture.  Although it was small, he could see it with one glance.

But she didn’t seem to see this back in the military uniform.

But the eyes of the gossipers were always sharp.  As soon as this was scent, there were people who saw the beautiful scene in the snow.

Fish and Bear Paw: Damn!  Such a cold place!  Hug god Luo, it must be hard!  9999 Likes.

Fluffy Little Bunny: God!  Is it just me who seemed to have noticed that there isn’t just the beautiful scenery in god Luo’s picture?  (Funny)  2356 Likes.

-Sleepless: You’re not alone.  ⊙﹏⊙!

-Multiplication Table: You’re definitely not alone!  (Covering face)

Which Years is the Present: So god Luo didn’t go on the True Love Show to be with someone with a story?  1235 Likes.

“Crap!”  Luo Qing Chen saw that she had taken Shi Yi Bei in the picture only when it had reached a thousand reposts.  If she deleted it now, it would be considered a guilty conscience by the gossipers…..

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