Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1604: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 18)

“I’ve been to your concert before, your singing is very beautiful…..”  Shi Yi Bei naturally came to her side and sat down as his brows relaxed slightly, “I never thought that your shooting would be this good.”

“Is major Shi this kind to everyone?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at his handsome face that didn’t seem firm at all.

She always wondered what this face would look like on the battlefield.

“Un……”  He thought about it for a long time before slowly saying, “It shouldn’t be.”

“What about your subordinates?”  Luo Qing Chen looked into his deep eyes, “Are you also this friendly?  I keep feeling that your ‘sergeants’ and ‘corporals’ are very…..unfriendly.”

She thought that Shi Yi Bei would speak up for them.

But she never thought——

“Right, they aren’t that good.”  He gave a chuckle as he looked at her with inquisitive eyes, “If something happens, you can come look for me.”


Luo Qing Chen felt like she was strangely being teased.

Moreover, he was the…..leader of the Silver Soul Troop, the one with a rank of major.

He was already a stalker, so why was there a feeling of being attacked?

Since it was like this, she couldn’t show weakness!

“How will I find you?  Will we exchange phone numbers?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes with a hard to hide smile on her lips.

She thought that Shi Yi Bei would be surprised at least and then consider whether he could give her his phone number with his identity.

She never thought——

“That is what I meant.”  He took a piece of neatly folded paper which he gave her, “This is my phone number.”

This was written in ink and there were signs that it hadn’t dried yet.

This note was just written by him, with beautiful words that had a sharpness to it.  Even the numbers written in ink looked this beautiful.

Luo Qing Chen slowly took the piece of paper before saying with a smile, “Does major Shi have a habit of keeping this kind of stuff on you?”

“Un…..”  Shi Yi Bei slightly narrowed his eyes, “It might be prepared for this moment.”

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat before saying with a soft laugh, “I’m talking about the pen and paper.”


The weather in the White Cliff United Nations was much lower than during the day, even the moon hanging in the sky had a cold feeling to it.

The welcome party was held in the snow with a bonfire and a barbecue.

“Silver Soul Troop, attention.”  Shi Yi Bei looked at everyone, “You’re all free to do what you want tonight!”


Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she looked at Yu Xing Fan who was covered in sweat not far away.

“Report, corporal Yu Xing Fan has finished his task.”

“It’s been hard on you.”  Shi Yi Bei had his hands on his hips as he looked at him, “Don’t be cruel to newcomers next time.”


Yu Xing Fan immediately understood Shi Yi Bei’s words, but he felt it was a bit strange.  After all, he had never said something like this before.

“That……”  One of the soldiers in the troops looked at Luo Qing Chen and asked, “Miss Luo, can you give me an autograph?  My little sister is your fan.”

“What, does your little sister like watching dramas?”  Su Cheng Yin on the side heard this and couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

The soldier awkwardly lowered his head, “My little sister has been to her concert tour before……”

“No problem, I brought a limited edition record, I’ll give it to you later.”  Luo Qing Chen said this before curling her lips into a faint smile, “I’ve disappointed sergeant Su, I’ve never acted in spy movies before.”

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