Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1601: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 15)

Yu Xing Fan felt his scalp going numb.

Could a normal star really remember the various models of guns so clearly?

Some recruits that have just joined the troop might not know about UMPs and M16s since the former is the strongest submachine gun and the latter is the strongest rifle.

“I want to see how good you are!”  Su Cheng Yin opened a safe in the armour and took out two M16s along with a small amount of bullets.

Normally speaking, the A grade training wouldn’t use submachine guns or rifles, only the S grade training for sergeants and above or survival training in the wilderness used these.

But this M16 was not being used for this.

When she took the M16, she suddenly felt a familiar feeling.

She remembered that she once had a better gun than this and had shined in a Du Jiu Sheng world.

“What, are you stunned by this?”  Su Cheng Yin was a little surprised before narrowing her eyes, “You can’t apply your knowledge, so you’re feeling nervous?”

In her life, she must never lose her momentum when she was fighting against death.

“I just don’t understand…..”  Luo Qing Chen looked at her with a faint smile, “How did you think that I’m nervous?  Isn’t this…..a piece of cake?”

She assembled the gun without another world.  The M16 was harder to assemble compared to a pistol, but it was quite easy for Luo Qing Chen.

After all, she could even hit accurately from seven hundred yards with a sniper rifle!

The M16 shooting was different from normal pistols.  The rifles had a longer range, so a scope needed to be attached to see where to shoot.

The target was two hundred yards away and Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to judge the distance.

“I’ll go and call the shot.”  Yu Xing Fan looked at Su Cheng Yin and volunteered.

“Report, I’ll go as well.”  Tian Xin stood at attention and gave a salute before looking at Yu Xing Fan, “I don’t trust a person who says that he isn’t biased, report over!”

“Pu……”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help almost laughing.  It had to be said, this kind of grand action and tone really was like a provocation…..

“Why do you think I would cheat?”

“Report, if you don’t take me, I will think you will cheat!”


Each ‘report’ made Yu Xing Fan feel very embarrassed.  He was a soldier and even if Su Cheng Yin was his goddess, he wouldn’t cheat!  That would be an insult to his morals!

“Alright, alright, alright!”  Yu Xing Fan’s eyes almost popped out.  He took off his hat and pointed at Tian Xin, “You come with me, I’ll let you properly see that sergeant Su is not someone that your group can challenge!  If you big stars lose, you’ll run thirty laps around the south field.  You can’t eat or sleep before you finish!”

“No problem!”  Tian Xin replied without any consideration.  She looked at him with a determined look, “Report, if we big stars win, will corporal Yu also run thirty laps?”

“Si!”  All the soldiers didn’t know how many times they'd gasped.

There really were quite a few people challenging the prestige of their Silver Soul Troop!

“No problem!”  Yu Xing Fan looked at Tian Xin and gritted his teeth, “What are thirty laps, I can even take off my military uniform!”

When this was said, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help looking at him.

For soldiers, this was a heavy sentence.

But it didn’t matter to her…...

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