For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 16 - The Sociable Guy Seems to Know Something (リア充野郎にはわかるらしい)


After the mathematics class, I underlined the parts I didn't understand in today's lesson. Wakamiya told me that she would review what I underlined at a later date.

"If there's something you don't understand, no matter how small it is, please underline it. I don't mind a lot of underlines. Make sure to tell me what parts you don't understand."

That was the command of Wakamiya Rin, or currently Wakamiya-sensei. But the regrettable thing was...

"I basically underline everything... I should've studied a little."

That's right. I only had parts I didn't understand. But since I didn't study at all after entering high school, so it was obvious that I didn't know a thing...


Someone suddenly slapped my shoulder from behind, surprising me. Not to say, that guy was shouting at my ears...

After I turned back, I glared at the source of the voice and complained.

"...Don't surprise me like that. And don't shout at my ears."

"Ahh... yeah. Sorry 'bout that!!"

Kenichi scratched his cheek and smiled carefreely. A good-looking man sure could pull out any gestures, huh. Look, that smile on his handsome face could get over 100 points.

"Then? What's wrong?"

"No way, it's me who wants to ask that!"


I tiled my head. I didn't think I did anything that would make Kenichi question me, though?

"You were awake during class today, right?"

"Ohh... that?"

I see.

I always slept up until now, so it’s justified that he would be curious. Personally, I didn't really think it was a big deal.

"Are you sick? Or did you received a serious warning to leave school!?"

"You're really cruel. You're completely wrong. I just woke up to study."

"Impossible... Maybe this is a sign that foretells a storm..."

Astonished, Kenichi widened his eyes.

What a rude guy.

"Leave me alone. Student's duty is to study, so I'm not doing anything weird."

"It's all weird. Ahh, I'm so surprised that I'm about to hyperventilate," Kenichi said. He then drank water and took a few deep breaths next to me. What an over-reaction... "But really, what happened? Your complexion also looks better than before the break..."

"Nothing special... It's the usual."

"Hmmm!? I wonder what's going on... Judging from this change... is it a woman?"

Probably, the reason my complexion had improved was that I had been replenishing my nutrition well over the past two days.

Kenichi stared at me for a moment in a searching look.

This is why I can't deal with an extremely handsome guy... I had a cold sweat at how Kenichi perfectly had guessed the reason.

"This is why I won't doubt a thing if someone told me that popular people are all psychics."

"What? You're saying something weird... Ah, I hit the mark?"

"I guess you're not right, but you're not wrong. But Kenichi, it's not as beautiful as you think."

I deceived Kenichi while being a bit vague, but he was smiling, clearly satisfied.

"Hmm. But something must have happened to improve your sloppy life, right? No, rather than something, it's probably someone."

"Yes, yes. Well, I guess so."

“I'm happy for you, really. Someone has changed the man of unhealthy life, Towa, for the better."

"Sure, whatever."

I snorted and responded to him appropriately.

"My~ So people change when their complexion changes~"

"How rude... Anyway, Kenichi. Did I look that unhealthy?"

"Come on, you just realized? It's a well-known fact," Kenichi said unreservedly as usual while looking at me with astonishment.

”I mean, I can't say that Towa is muscular even if it's just as A flattery. You were sluggish and lifeless before. But I can't call you unhealthy again now."

"Shut up."

"Hahaha. No need to be so angry! Maybe this is what they say that there are things that will shine once you polish."

"That applies to basically anyone, though."

There were times when people noticed a thing about them when another person told them.

So I looked unhealthy... Perhaps Wakamiya was looking at me that way.

She was very caring. I guess she couldn't turn a blind eye to my pathetic self that reminded her of an abandoned puppy.

I became even more convinced after talking to Kenichi. But since I already had such a thought before, I didn't really feel anything. Yeah, nothing at all...

"Towa, here's a piece of advice for you. I think you can change even more if you make the same face you have in your part-time job, you know? Usually, I don't feel any vitality from you. It's like you're a dead fish."

"This is my face by nature. Anyway, you mean I should always plaster a smile like when I'm working on my part-time job?"

"Exactly! Well, I'm not forcing you to do that, but... just a little."

"Impossible. I'm not earning any money from smiling anyway."

"Towa, you're a helpless man~..."

I could hear a sigh next to me. Kenichi sounded astonished again.

I turned away from him and looked out the window. Let's just ignore this guy and eat the lunch box now. I'm hungry...

"Kenichi, are you so free that you have time to talk to me? Don't stay here and go eat your lunch already."

"You're as mean as usual... I came here to eat with Towa."

"I'm fine, so please go and eat with your girlfriend."

"Ahhh! Towa, you're really cold."

"I can eat on my own."

I put the lunch box on the desk. Wakamiya made this for me, but thankfully, the size made it comfortable for men to use.

This might be another small proof of her attentiveness. Unconsciously, I smiled.

"Is that... a lunch box!?"


"Wait, wait. Hmm. Ahh... then let's do that!"

Kenichi suddenly grabbed my arm. And at the same time, he also took my lunch box.

...I only have a bad feeling about this.

"Let's go! It's unusual for you to bring a lunch box, so we should eat in the courtyard!"

"No way. I don't want to go to where all the popular people swarm."

"Come on, just listen to me!"

"H-hey, wait..."

Kenichi pulled my arm and took me out of the classroom. I didn't want to go along with him, so I tried to pull back, making it seem like Kenichi was dragging me out.

Wasn't he a bit too strong... Would he really drag me to the courtyard like this...?

"Okay! We arrived!"

"Haa... My arm hurts."

I could only sigh.

Don't bring me to this den full of A-group people, really.

I glanced over my surroundings, only to find a couple. Then another couple. Then other good-looking couples...


The voice that unconsciously came out of my mouth sounded pretty dumb. However, all I could see in this courtyard were flocks of the most prominent presence in this school... It couldn't be helped.

"Tokiwagi... san?"

The light overflowing through the gaps between the trees illuminated that existence. It was fantastical, as if an angel had descended.

Well, no wonder.

That's because the Goddess was standing calmly right there.

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