Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1597: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 11)

[The system agrees with the first two, but the affection is being given openly.]

“Ah, what’s wrong?”  Tian Xin beside her was scared by her inexplicable words.

“Oh, nothing, nothing.”  She shook her head and her smile became strangely bright.

Un, her mood was quite good.

It seems like sir major was a very gentle person.

She and Tian Xin exchanged QQ numbers before she went back to her room.  The temperature increased in the afternoon and the real devilish training had arrived.

“Listen, stand at attention.”  Yu Xing Fan’s expression was much more serious than it was this morning.

After all, after being entrusted by his goddess, he had to be more strict towards these stars that earned millions from singing and acting in shows.

“Starting this afternoon, we will be holding a comprehensive fitness test.  In the Silver Soul Team, we’re doing the A grade training.”

“Si.”  When Luo Qing Chen’s group were still unaware, the soldiers beside them all took a cold breath.

The A grade training was something they did once a month.  It seemed like Yu Xing Fan really didn’t plan on showing mercy.

“What is the A grade training?”  Shirley blinked, wanting to look cute towards Yu Xing Fan.

The result was…...

“Attention, march on the spot.”  There was a low and powerful female voice that rang out.  Looking in the direction of the voice, Luo Qing Chen saw Su Cheng Yin in her camouflage uniform.

She had a delicate face and light makeup.  Other than her skin being a bit dark, she looked quite good.

Only Luo Qing Chen could see an inexplicable hostility in her eyes.

The source of the hostility wasn’t clear, it was like she was looking at the four of them, trying to find a target.

“Haven’t you learned the rules before joining the army?”  Su Cheng Yin raised a brow and said in a sharp voice, “Don’t you know how to report before talking to a superior officer?”

“We were called by you to organize things at noon!”

“Say it a bit louder, I can’t hear you!”

“......”  Shirley pursed her lips and looked unhappy, but she didn’t reply.

“You, you, you, you, the four of you, take a step forward.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  Although she was a bit unhappy, she respected the ‘sergeant’ rank and took a step forward.

“The A grade training is a unique training for the Silver Soul Squadron.  There is lining up, climbing bars, endurance training, cross country running, shooting, and other exercises.  Do you understand?  If you don’t, you can go out the door right now and take the bus back to the airport to continue being stars!”


Of the four of them, only Tian Xin replied.

Although Luo Qing Chen knew that she should reply, there was an…..unhappy feeling.

“It seems like only one person understood.  I’ll ask you again, did you understand?”  Su Cheng Yin’s sharp eyes looked at them and she released the full aura of someone who had reached the rank of a sergeant.

“Understood!”  The four of them said at the same time.

But only Luo Qing Chen said the words following this.

“So, will sergeant Su also being taking this training with us?”

Everyone looked at Luo Qing Chen.  Among them was the one who seemed very prejudiced against them…..Su Cheng Yin.

“What?  You want to challenge me?”  Su Cheng Yin narrowed her eyes as she looked over Luo Qing Chen.

These four girls were beautiful and famous, there were many soldiers who talked about them before coming here.

Could it be that she was the girl the fortune teller was talking about?

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