Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1595: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 9)

Shirley just walked on the spot while saying to Xiao Xiao beside her in a low voice with knitted brows, “Why do we have to wear these camouflage uniforms, they really are ugly……”

Xiao Xiao was also disgusted by it as she replied, “It’s what the director requested, do you even want to be shown?”

Yu Xing Fan on the side knitted his brows and shouted in a loud voice, “First row’s seventh and eighth women, come out!”


“First row’s seventh and eighth women, come out!”  After Yu Xing Fan repeated it a few times, Shirley and Xiao Xiao looked at each other before finally walking out of the line.

“Give me squats.”  After these words, there was the sound of a whistle.

The entire troop stood there and the camera fell onto them.  They could only do this, but there was an unwilling look on their face.

“No matter what your status was before, since you are here at the White Cliff base, you have to follow the rules here.  You can give a report if you feel it’s hard and go back to your room to rest!  But while in training, you aren’t allowed to talk, understood?”

“Understood!”  Shirley and Xiao Xiao said at the same time.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Tian Xin beside her.  With her head held high and her eyes looking forward, she stood in a very standard position.

Suddenly, she felt that this kind of Tian Xin was a bit strange.

At the same time, in a certain direction.

There was a pair of star like eyes looking at them.  He was wearing a green military uniform with a star on his shoulder.

The woman standing beside him had her arms crossed at her chest and a look of disdain as she gave a cold snort, “Those people in the Flying Dragon Troop, they really aren’t orderly.”

“Research sponsorship, medical sponsorship, and other things.”  Shi Yi Bei revealed a smile, “It doesn’t matter, nothing will happen anyway.  There are only men in the army, it’s fine to have a few more girls.”

“Senior…..”  Su Cheng Yin rolled her eyes, “Let’s make a bet, not to mention three months, they won’t even last three weeks.”

“Then you should have Yu Xing Fan act more softly and not scare them away.”  Shi Yi Bei gave a shrug as he slightly pursed his lips.  Finally, his eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

There was a feeling of deja vu.

“No, I don’t want that!  They will be treated equally in the army.  Anyway, these singers and actors, they are just here to establish their images!”  Su Cheng Yin had a displeased look as she said, “Even if they are useless, there are people worshiping them, it really is a joke.”

Shi Yi Bei put his hands in his pocket and he narrowed his beautiful eyes, “The happiness gained from looking at beauty has its use.”

“Senior, you…..”

“Hear my orders, stand at attention and march on the spot!”  With Shi Yi Bei’s voice, everyone turned their head in his direction.

All the steps were neat.  Yu Xing Fan turned and gave a salute, “Greetings captain.”


Luo Qing Chen felt her breath stop.  This man in the military uniform, with his back against the light and that handsome face, it was like he was dazzling as he walked towards her.

With an order, the entire team was stirred.

It really was too dazzling.

“Attention!”  Shi Yi Bei looked at everyone, “Welcome new recruits to the White Cliff United Nations, there’s no need to be so nervous.”

“Damn, too handsome!”

“The captain?”

“Is captain a military rank?”

“I don’t know!”


Faced with Shirley and Xiao Xiao’s ignorance, Luo Qing Chen felt the urge to hide her face.

Luo Qing Chen’s inner OS: Do you not know if this is a military rank or not?”

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