Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1594: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 8)

When they came to the simple room prepared for them, there was a camera inside.

The equipment was very simple, like it had been prepared last minute.

Luo Qing Chen put down her bag and looked at Xiao Jiu who was already trembling, but was unwilling to put down the camera, “Go wash up first, there’s still training in the afternoon.”

Although it was a cold and remote place, there was still a wireless connection, so it wasn’t difficult to connect to the internet.

She used her phone to go on Weibo and the most popular search was for the ‘True Love Show’.

The most popular one was: #Qian Na Jiang Si Zhe#

There were many comments below and quite a few people tagged her.

Spring Under the Apple Tree: Yi!  I read the announced list, why isn’t that Luo Qing Chen?  6258 Likes.

Little Fox: Ze, ze, ze, is Jiang Si Zhe cheating?!  2222 Likes.

-Sad Autumn Painting: I feel the same!  Are Jiang Si Zhe and Luo Qing Chen a couple or not!

-Loving For a Long Time: Please don’t involve our Qing Chen, thank you!

Fleeting Past: Please pay attention to Qing Chen’s song, thank you!

Sorrows of the Maple Leaf Country: Ah, ah, ha!  My male god and goddess are together on the ‘True Love Show’, I must follow!  526 Likes.


Qiao Na naturally read the comments.  Although there were some fans looking forward to it, most of the people cared about Luo Qing Chen.

Was there a mistake, she was Jiang Si Zhe’s girlfriend now, alright!

Thinking of this, she called Jiang Si Zhe.

“Hey, did you read the comments online?”  Qiao Na’s voice rang out with a bit of dissatisfaction in it, “When are you going to announce our relationship!”

It was too early to reveal this relationship.  After all, if someone took note of Jiang Si Zhe and Luo Qing Chen’s previous relationship, it would be hard to wash off the identity of a third wheel.

“Aiya, what are you in a rush for?”  Jiang Si Zhe on the other side was clearly a bit impatient.  He had been strangely dumped and he still hadn’t reacted to it.

“Can I not be anxious?”  Qiao Na pouted her lips, “That Luo Qing Chen didn’t choose to participate in this show!  If she was on and she wasn’t in the same team as you, people wouldn’t say that you were with her!”

She didn’t expect Luo Qing Chen to choose that public service?  Living in the army?

She thought that she could use the True Love Show to incite her, but now she didn’t have a chance…...

“He, he.”  Jiang Si Zhe complained, “If you’re in that much of a rush, let’s not be together.”

“What do you mean?  It can’t be that you still haven’t broken up with Luo Qing Chen, right!”

Jiang Si Zhe gritted his teeth as he thought: This pot really won’t be opened if it wasn’t mentioned!

“I do mean that!  If you doubt it, you can dump me too!”

He had never been dumped before.  How many beautiful fans wanted to meet him in a hotel?  But he was actually…..dumped by a single singer?

Qiao Na could tell that Jiang Si Zhe was feeling very upset, so she calmed her tone and said, “Alright!  Don’t I care about you?  We’ll just have to act it up in the True Love Show.”

Seeing that her tone eased, Jiang Si Zhe didn’t say anything else and just said a few words before hanging up.

The True Love Show went on as scheduled and Luo Qing Chen’s position was replaced by big sister Gu’s relative, Gu Huan Huan.

At the same time, in the far away White Cliff base, the first day of recording began.

Actually, the reception of this show was quite positive.  At least the serious training of these foreign soldiers was quite…..handsome!

But adding in the four of them to this beautiful scene, it became much dimmer!

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