Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1593: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 7)

If it wasn’t for Prosper sponsoring this, this program would have been impossible.

The four people sitting in the plane knew that this was just a gimmick.

To be an idol of the fans, you only need three things!

Be positive, smile, and be near the camera.

The most important thing of reality shows is getting the people’s hearts, especially when it involves the military.

As long as one used the words ‘enduring hardship and working hard’, it would be considered a success.

While flying through the sky, leaning against the window to look at the blue sky and the white clouds outside.

The flames and smoke from gunpowder seemed like they were filling the sky.

This time it wasn’t a hunch, she had seen it with her eyes.

System, system!

[Host, please speak.]

I want to exchange for two skills.  Although I have some understanding, I feel I still need them.

[Opening the store, the host has a total of 8000 exchange points.]

1. Sniping, 2. Medicine.

I promise that after this world, I will be at the pinnacle of the skills exchanged.

[The host actually……]


[Ding, 1000 exchange points have been taken.  Successfully exchanged for sniping skills and medical skills (limited to this world.]

She looked at the white cloud again and felt that what was ahead wouldn’t be as…..smooth as she thought it would be.

The White Cliff United Nations was located at latitude 75°N and longitude 30°E.  It was close to the north pole, so it had a very cold climate.

After getting off the plane, other than Luo Qing Chen and Tian Xin who packed heavy down jackets, the other two were shivering.  Their lips were purple, but they didn’t forget to act in front of the camera.

“This place really is cold, but…..for…..the country, everything is worth it!”

“Coming here, we must…...become real…..soldiers!”

The two camera operators on the side were also shivering.  There was five centimeters of snow under their feet.

It was a good thing that she…..had watched the weather report.

Five hours later, they experienced all kinds of hardships to reach the White Cliff military base.

The two facing the camera couldn’t keep smiling anymore.  Their faces were stiff and they were walking forward like corpses.

Their faces were covered in the word ‘regret’!

“A first class star is different from us.”  Tian Xin was carrying a large backpack as she looked at her and said, “Could it be that you’re really here for public service?”

“We will be staying here for three months, you’ll know whether it is public service or not.”  Luo Qing Chen had her suitcase in one hand while the other hand was in her pocket.  She slightly knitted her brows as she looked at the military base in front of her.

Temporary shelters were built in the mountains.  This place was around five hours from the airport and two hours from the town.

This time Prosper was really serious this time!

“Hello everyone, I am the Flying Dragon Platoons, Silver Soul Squadron’s Yu Xing Fan.”  He gave a salute and said, “We have received orders from our superiors to record this program in the White Cliff base……”

“It’s…..It’s public service!  Public service!”  Shirley, whose purple lips were trembling, didn't forget to explain in a serious voice.

“Ke, ke.”  Yu Xing Fan gave two coughs before saying, “Whether it is a show or public service, as a foreign military base, although you’ve helped out troops with many things, there are rules here.  I hope that everyone will follow them and return home safely!”

When Yu Xing Fan said the word ‘safely’, Luo Qing Chen felt that her hunch definitely wasn’t just a hunch.

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