Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1591: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 5)

The entertainment industry was deep, after all these worlds, she knew that recording this was the best way to prepare for anything.

“Ding ling.”  The phone rang again, but it was an unfamiliar number.

She hung up, blocked that number, and turned off her phone.

That was it!  She was this capricious!

When she went back to her apartment, the first thing Luo Qing Chen did was get on the web to search the name ‘Shi Yi Bei’.

The system had brought her to this cusp, so it must be related to the military show.

When she typed the name Shi Yi Bei in the search, she didn’t find that many results.

The basic information was that he was a soldier and his rank was: Major.

As for his other information, it was almost all blank.

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t surprised since the scope of this profession was wide.

She was certain that it was the right place.

It was no wonder the system reminded her to make this choice.

As expected, she almost went further and further.

Next she searched another three words in the search bar and the information that appeared surprised her.

Sergeant Su Cheng Yin, military doctor.

So this supporting female lead was prepared for her.  The story of a love between soldiers with an extra popular singer, it was a bit discordant.

But there was nothing perfect in this world.  Identity and professions could change, couldn’t they?

The next morning, big sister Gu called her and told her about the other stars she was going with.

She didn’t know most of the names, the only name she knew was Tian Xin.

She was once a first class actress, but when her chaotic private life was revealed, her popularity sank.

Now she was only a minor star.

Luo Qing Chen never thought that she would come back, this military show wasn’t a good job.

Although there would be cameras following them and it would be on the web, it wasn’t a hot variety show, so there wasn’t that much popularity to gain.

To use this show to stand up again, she didn’t think it was very likely.

There were four people participating in this show and they would be setting off in five days.

After sending this email, big sister Gu had even tried to confirm if she was sure about this decision.

Luo Qing Chen replied: Charge!  Even if there are machine guns in front, bravely charge forward!

After a while, big sister Gu replied: Have you been too tired?  Do you need to see a doctor?

She immediately replied: Charge!  Even if there are machine guns in front, bravely charge forward!

After a long time, big sister Gu replied: Rest early, don’t come to the office over the next few days.

Luo Qing Chen in front of the computer couldn’t help smiling.  The other side might think that she had become an idiot, right!

Actually, she had nothing to say about this agent Gu.

After all, this big sister Gu was happier than anyone that she wasn’t participating in this love show.

Because her little sister, a small movie star, would have a chance to take her spot.

After learning this, it was a waste of both their time to say anything else.

The army camp wasn’t even in the country, it was in another country where their army was stationed.

The place was called the White Cliff United Nations, nicknamed White Cliff.

The day before setting off, big sister Gu called her and politely asked her to come to the company.

After Luo Qing Chen left, she received some good news, the company was going to give her another agent.

It was strongly requested by big sister Gu…...

It seems like a sudden change in personality would scare the people around!

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