Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1588: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 2)

The previous host was a star singer with a natural singing voice.  Each concert she held was sold out with tens of thousands of fans.

In the complicated entertainment industry, just selling out concerts wasn’t enough to stabilize one’s popularity.

One needs to participate in various variety shows for exposure.  Of course, donations were also a good thing.

In the memory of the previous host, not only was there not the male lead, there wasn’t even the supporting female lead.

The supporting male lead was…..a scumbag!

In order to gain more exposure, the previous host’s agent company gave her two choices.

One was to participate in a true love variety show and the other was to participate in the military in the name of the people.

For this choice, 99% of the people would choose the former and the previous host was one of them.

Going on the show and getting a ship to generate popularity was a very normal thing.

Only this was a path of no return for the previous host.

The previous host had been dating a cute boy from another agency, but they weren’t willing to announce this.  After all, once one wasn’t single in the entertainment industry, they would lose fans.

A few days ago, the paparazzi took pictures of them eating together, so the companies wanted to use this true love show, letting both the previous host and the supporting male lead participate.

Of course, they were not a coupling.

The previous host’s coupling was with another famous movie star, Qiao Na.

The previous host’s coupling was the famous movie star’s ex-boyfriend.

The company naturally liked this kind of coupling, which not only made the show more popular, they also had a love rectangle.

The fans all came together and the popularity didn’t fall.

This was the routine used by the company, but the previous host wasn’t happy.

After all, for fake couplings like this, things that were fake might become true!

For example, Jiang Si Zhe and Qiao Na.

After the previous host found out, she went to cause trouble for Qiao Na and righteously told them that she would definitely expose their scandal.

But Jiang Si Zhe and Qiao Na announced this first.  The prepared all kinds of articles and water armies that defamed the previous host.

The victim was named as the ‘mistress that destroyed the love of others’ and ‘Qiao Na’s white lotus’ was what was put in the news.

In the entertainment industry, there was no coal in the snow and some people pushed down the walls.

All of sudden, whether it was the others who went on the show, her company, or the reporters that she knew, they all turned on her.

Standing from up above, they used the sharpest words to put the final nail in the coffin on the previous host.

There were heights that one can never reach and they wouldn’t know why.

But once they reach the top, when evil people turn everything upside down, it will become a pressure that others can’t take.

Not every person was this strong, at least the previous host wasn’t.

When she died, she stood by herself on the highest building in A City with ten thousand handwritten letters written in red ink.

After eighteen years, she jumped and was only mourned by everyone after her death.

Jiang Si Zhe and Qiao Na’s fates weren’t good in this world.  After the previous host died, they became the instigators.

No one would care about the authenticity of the letter written by someone who died.

But everything was too late.  Those that committed suicide were burdened by sin and grievances.  The previous host had to spend eighteen years in hell before reincarnating.

She bore the sin alone and this sin was what called the host Luo Qing Chen to appear.

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