Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1585: Side story: Unstable land, only you having a full board means losing (2)

When we met again, the soldiers surrounded the city.

She recognized me immediately and I could feel the hatred in those clear eyes.

Endless hatred.

She hated me and I knew since I destroyed her country, so she was supposed to be queen.

But now she could only become a prisoner.

But at least she will not fall into the hands of the other countries.  At least I can use my own method and power to protect her.

When I brought her to the palace, I gave her a title.

In the harem, no one dared to bully her.  Everyone bowed when they greeted her and had to call her: Princess.

But even like this, it didn’t change her intention of killing me.

I knew that there was endless hatred in her heart, but I never thought that she wanted to kill me.

Every time I escaped death at her hands, I would say to myself: I can move her, she will understand.  If there is a day that she is willing to belong to me, we will love each other.

It was a pity that I couldn’t wait until she changed her heart and she used herself as bait to kill me.

The funny thing was that even though I knew that this was her plan, I still couldn’t help falling for it.

Because I couldn’t kill her.

So I could only wait for her to kill me.

People always said that when god closed a door, he would open a window for you.

But my window seemed to also be her.

She personally gave me the antidote and came back to the palace.

I always felt that she had changed, but I couldn’t tell what had changed.

This her was completely different from the her in my memories.

At that moment, when I looked into her eyes, I knew that I should make some preparations.

Preparing to take her as my bride.

She wasn’t as stubborn as before and would blush when she saw me.  It seemed that I wanted to keep her by my side even more than I thought.

And I was working hard for this ending.

I knew that Yue Cai Zhi wanted to deal with her.  Not only Yue Cai Zhi, most people in the palace wanted to deal with her.

She was smarter than before, learning many things.  She even learned how to pull in people’s hearts.

Among them was my little brother, Lin Dong Xue.

When I was poisoned, I was planning on passing the throne to my little brother.

But when I escaped from death, I completely changed that idea when I saw them laughing together.

I became jealous and suspicious.

I didn’t know why my little brother who always liked Yue Cai Zhi would suddenly treat her well and I didn’t know what had happened between them.

This feeling made me feel strangely scared.

I was not worried that the Supreme Harmony Hall was too far from the cold palace, I was worried…...that she would love someone else.

It was a good thing that I always liked to plan before the next move and looking at my plan, I was able to get through this terrifying thought.

But I never thought that before the plan could succeed, she would charge into the Mirror Moon Hall alone.

That was the darkest day in my life and I felt like all the gods were asleep, so not a single beam of light fell on me.

Because I…...was standing on the other side.

Because I…...had blocked her sword for another woman.

Because I…...had sent her to prison.

I looked at the despair in her eyes and listened to my helpless heart beating.  I didn’t dare look at her or say a single word to her.

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