Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1584: Side story: Unstable land, only you having a full board means losing (1)

What I am after is the passion between people, no bias at all, which was just you.  ——Lin Nan Yi

Born as the son of the emperor, there were many things that one is helpless about.

Before becoming the emperor, I was a hostage.

Used as a gift to maintain a good relationship between the heavenly dynasty and the Glazed Glass Country.

The days in the Glazed Glass Country weren’t easy, but I missed them very much afterwards.

I missed the time when I had no power, no influence, and was helpless.

I could only wait for everything in the heavenly dynasty.

But for her…..I could only escape.

I was born with a stubborn personality, which probably came from my mother.  My destiny was mainly because of her stubbornness.

Because the person she loved was not my royal father, but my royal father insisted on loving her.

Loved her so much that to not let her die with the one she loved, he sent me to the Glazed Glass Country.

I would always remember what my royal father said to my mother the day I left.

‘If you dare commit suicide, your son will never come back.’

I saw my mother’s tears and her sad and bitter smile.

I knew at that time that in the world of love, if you didn’t get someone’s heart, you would never have it.

Even if my royal father had my mother’s body, he would never have her soul.

Therefore, the moment I met her, I knew that there would be no future between us.

Because I couldn’t completely have her and it was impossible for her to belong to me alone.

Since I couldn’t be the only one, since there was no way to be together, there was no way to lower my head and succumb.

It was probably because she was too controlling and I was too stubborn at that time.

In the days in the Glazed Glass Country, what I felt were only the strange skips of my heart from time to time.

There was only one other emotion: Being tortured by her, being tortured by her, being tortured by her.

I thought that I would hate her.

But when I left the Glazed Glass Country, I knew that I couldn’t feel hatred at all.

I didn’t even dare turn around, afraid of seeing her unwilling look.

She liked me, I knew that.

What I didn’t know was whether that love belonged to me alone.

When I came back to the heavenly dynasty, I kneeled in front of my royal father.  Other than me, there were other princes.

But my father’s trembling hand only held me alone.

He gave the throne to me.  At that time, I saw that face that was filled with sadness and eyes filled with tears, there was a strange uncomfortable feeling in my heart.

He loved my mother, so whether my mother loved him or not, he only wanted to give the throne…..to me.

The days after taking the throne weren’t as relaxed as I thought.  Killing brothers, remonstrating ministers, and all sorts of unexpected things came up.

The me at that time had an unchanging face, having a panic that no one knew about.

It was a good thing that I made it through it all.

The three forces restrained each other and the court became stable.

But at this time, I received some information: The small countries by the Glazed Glass Country were planning to attack it together.

Even after not meeting for all those years, the memories were still deep in my heart.

When this matter came to my ears, I couldn’t just sit still.

I personally destroyed those small countries and finally destroyed the Glazed Glass Country.

Because I couldn’t leave her alone, leaving behind a Glazed Glass Country, so I sent my troops.

Even as the emperor, I couldn’t do what I wanted.


I can take the country captive.

I can protect her relatives.

I could bring her back to Long Peace.

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