Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1582: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 66)

At that moment, Lin Dong Xue felt like he had just fallen into hell.

The front was light and the back was darkness.

What he feared the most in this life were ghosts, his hair would stand on end when he heard about them.

Not to mention this was a moment of sacrifice.

“I…..Can I…...not turn around?”  He looked at Luo Qing Chen and seriously asked this.

“It should be no.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and pretended to be calm as she said, “After all, he should be a bit angry.”

Ling Dong Xue swallowed his saliva and touched the back of his head as he thought: If I knew this would happen, I would let Xiao Yi be even more fierce.

He planned to run in Luo Qing Chen’s direction without another word, but there was a hand that grabbed him from behind.

Lin Nan Yi’s cold voice slowly rang out, “What?  What do you want to run to the empress for?”

As soon as this voice fell, Lin Dong Xue who had a look of fear was like a deflated balloon as he let out a sigh of relief.

“I say, big brother…...In this atmosphere, it really is scary……”  Lin Dong Xue said this and didn’t forget to add, “Greetings royal brother.”

“The corpse that disappeared from the prison, you took it away, right?”  Lin Nan Yi’s eyes were calm, but there was a depth to them.

No one understood his little brother better than him.

There were times when he seemed indifferent that he was just hiding his emotions under the surface.

He narrowed his eyes and after a while, he said, “Un, I took it away.”

After the empress conferring ceremony, he was the first one to go into the prison.

In the innermost cell, there was the scent of wine that filled the air.  There was a woman with her head covered and her limbs tied who was lying there.

Her soul was gone and she was in despair.

He slowly took off the hood and what caught his eyes was that pale face and those eyes that didn’t close.

Pitiful, truly pitiful.

His eyes turned red, they turned red for Yue Cai Zhi.

Once upon a time, they were childhood friends.  When the teacher had them read a poem about love, he couldn’t help looking at Yue Cai Zhi beside him.

She had big eyes at that time and while she didn’t show her love, she did look good.

When she saw stray dogs, she would feed them.  When she saw boys bullying ugly girls in school, she would always come forth to stop them.

It should be this Yue Cai Zhi who he had been fascinated with for all those years.

But people…..changed in the end.

Seeing something that one loved excessively not belonging to them, a hatred would fill one’s heart.

From hatred to jealousy, changing one’s heart.

He took her corpse away and went to a place with no one around.  There was a clear mountain stream and flowers blooming all around.

This was the last thing he could do for her.

“Reporting to the emperor, general Meng Hun has reported that the other side is not satisfied with the deal for one city and is planning on attacking again.”  Wen De cupped his hands and said, “The general is already on the way, asking for an advisor from the emperor.”

Lin Nan Yi’s deep brows had a sparkle as his lips curled slightly, “There are many talented people in the court, this one has already thought of someone.”

“Emperor, please, this old servant will go tell them.”



“Ke, ke.”  Lin Nan Yi cleared his throat, “I wonder who said that day that the laws said they should be taken away and given an execution.  This one remembers it clearly.”

“.....”  Wen De helplessly looked at Lin Nan Yi.

He felt aggrieved, but he couldn’t say anything.

As expected, the reason for his cold sweat was because the emperor was a foolish ruler!

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