Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1581: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 65)

“Si.”  There was another cold wind.

All the candles placed in the ‘Tian’ character was suddenly extinguished.

Lin Dong Xue immediately charged over to Luo Qing Chen’s side and looked at her with a face covered in fear, “It can’t be that there really are ghosts, right!”

Since he was young, Lin Dong Xue didn’t fear anything, only fearing ghosts.

“The saying goes: Don’t do bad things normally and you won’t be afraid of ghosts.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Lin Dong Xue beside her, “You normally don’t do bad things, so what is there to be afraid of!”

“I seem…..to have really done quite a bit……”  He softly pulled at her sleeve as he vigilantly looked around, “But why aren’t you afraid at all?”

Normally speaking, any woman would be so scared that she would cry out at this moment!

Why, why was Luo Qing Chen this calm…...

She was so calm that it didn’t seem like she was from this world.

“What is there to be afraid of?”  She gave a chuckle and lit the candles on the ground again.  It was like she could see Xiao Tian’s figure in the candles, shimmering away.

Her lips curled and she muttered, “If there are ghosts at this time, it’s a blessing for me.”

If there were, this was a world where she could use divine artifacts and she could use spiritual energy to save people, reversing time and space.

Then Xiao Tian wouldn’t die.

Then she could still do business seven days a week with a smile on her face.

Lin Dong Xue heard this and quickly let go of her.  He looked at her in the moonlight with a look of terror before asing, “I always feel that your skin is so white that it’s a bit scary…..Moreover, you’re so thin yet you can beat ten men…..It can’t be that…..”

Luo Qing Chen turned around and the light of the candle fell onto her face.

When she saw Lin Dong Xue’s pale face, she almost broke out in laughter.

She then said, “Un, it seems like I’ve been seen through!”


After a while Lin Dong Xue couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.  He had an awkward smile as he moved towards the door, not forgetting to wave his hand to her, “Your highness, I shouldn’t have done anything wrong to you, right!”

“You didn’t?”  Luo Qing Chen slowly picked up a candle from the ground as her lips curled into a faint smile.  She walked towards Lin Dong Xue as she said, “I remember that I was locked in the Hidden Book Pavilion by a certain king, almost being…..”

“Misunderstanding!  Misunderstand!  That definitely is a misunderstanding…..”  Lin Dong Xue shook his head before saying, “That was definitely Xiao Yi framing me!”

Xiao Yi:......


“Really!  Remember in front of the Mirror Moon Hall when I bravely stood by your side against all those enemies, facing blades, swords, and…...”

“Thank you.”  She cut him off and pursed her lips into a smile, “Thank you, Lin Dong Xue for being by my side when I was most powerless.”

A sincere thanks to this king.

Even if he had poisoned her and helped others hurt her.

He was still a good person in the end.

“No need.”  He looked up with clear eyes and said, “Being able to help Luo Qing Chen at that time, I feel very happy.”

As soon as his voice fell, he didn’t forget to add, “So are you really……”

She looked behind him in a daze before her lips curled slightly, “Guess……”


“Look behind you if you can’t guess.”

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