His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 158 - Visitation

Snow blew the entire night. Another layer of white colored the ground.

Qi Zheng opened his eyes and looked down to see Shen Ziqiao still sleeping in his arms. There was a smile in his eyes. She must be really tired. He recalled the events from last night and Qi Zheng couldn’t help but tighten his grip on her and peck her multiple times on the cheeks.

His gaze landed on her smooth and fair shoulders. There were still marks he left from yesterday. They looked like blooming Japanese roses, beautiful and charming.

He kissed the beautiful love marks but seemed to feel insatiable. He then sucked on her tender skin on the neck while caressing her body.

Shen Ziqiao was deep asleep when she felt a weight on her. She moaned unhappily and turned over, trying to stop Qi Zheng from bothering her when she realized she couldn’t even move at all.

“Qi Zheng…” Shen Ziqiao couldn’t open her eyes. “Don’t, I want to sleep.”

“Sleep, go ahead. I won’t bother you.” Qi Zheng’s deep and magnetic voice rang as he pulled away her blanket, inserting his length into her.

Shen Ziqiao felt her lower half being penetrated. Her body felt warmer and warmer following his movements...

Qi Zheng finally finished his morning exercise after who knows how long as Shen Ziqiao moaned too. He kissed Shen Ziqiao, seemingly not tired and satisfied still.

“Good brother, let me go please.” Shen Ziqiao begged, afraid that he’d start kissing her and go for another round like he did last night.

Qi Zheng smiled and exclaimed, “It’s still early. You can sleep for a bit longer. I’m going to train.”

“Hurry.” Shen Ziqiao rolled herself in the blanket and turned around, showing him her smooth back.

“Then I’ll come and eat breakfast with you in a bit.” Qi Zheng exclaimed in a hoarse voice and kissed her back several times. Feeling that a certain private part was waking up, he didn’t dare continue otherwise he wouldn’t need to leave today.

Shen Ziqiao was too lazy to even respond. She didn’t have the energy.

Qi Zheng smiled and got out of bed. He changed his clothes and went to the neighboring room to freshen up. He ordered the maids to not disturb Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao was finally able to get a good rest without a certain person bothering her.

She slept until late morning.

“What? She’s still not up?” Xiao Gu was waiting for Shen Ziqiao to come over and pay respects. Who knew that after she finished eating breakfast and came back from the Old Madam’s place, she still didn’t see her. As a result, she had a maid make inquiries at Qianlin Courtyard. Who knew that her daughter-in-law hadn’t even gotten up yet.

Nanny Su shook her head. “She really doesn’t know her manners. Which daughter-in-law would dare to sleep until late morning? Eldest Master really pampers this First Madam.”

Xiao Gu’s eyes blazed with anger. “Qi Zheng is just trying to use Shen Ziqiao to make me lose face! He thought that with Old Madam protecting Shen Ziqiao, I wouldn’t dare to do anything to his wife? Even if I complain to the empress about her actions, no one would dare to be on Qi Zheng’s side.”

“Madam, please calm down.” Nanny Su advised. “Let’s just wait, wait for everyone to find out that First Madam has been sleeping until late morning every day. Once the entire household knows about her actions, no one would dare to say anything even if we were to force Qi Zheng to divorce her.”

As her mother-in-law, she was able to write a divroce contract for her daughter-in-law if she committed some grave mistake.

Xiao Gu smiled and touched the pure gold bracelet on her wrist. “Speaking of, I haven’t gone to the palace to pay respects to the imperial consort in a while.”

She and Imperial Consort Sun were cousins at the very least. However, Duke An didn’t want her to be too close to the Imperial Consort Sun. Thus, she hadn’t gone to the palace to pay respects. But why should she care now? Why should she care if Duke An likes her or not?

Qi Zheng had the empress request the emperor to bestow him a marriage so can’t her Feng’er do the same?

She wanted to seek out his grace.

She refused to let Feng’er be beaten down by Qi Zheng.

Glaring at the spirited Qi Zheng, Shen Ziqiao pursed her lips. She was thinking that starting tonight, she refused to let him have his way.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, her refreshed expression caused her face to flush.

Outsiders must know why she had woken up this late just looking at her.

“I talked to our grandmother already. We’re going to the village today and we’ll be staying there for a few days.” Qi Zheng leaned against the bed and read, saying in a casual tone.

Shen Ziqiao was packing things up with Hong Yu when she heard this. She smiled immediately and made her way towards him. “Really? We’re going on a honeymoon?”

Look at how happy she is! Qi Zheng smiled as well. “Didn’t you want to watch the snow? We can go to the village to see. There’s an endless layer of snow there. You can play however you want.”

Shen Ziqiao rubbed herself against his arm for a bit. “Ah, Qi Zheng, you’re great. Let’s go now.”

“You don’t need to pack those things?” He had watched her ignore him this morning and it seemed as if those miscellaneous items were more important than him.

“Leave it up to Lady Meng.” Shen Ziqiao waved her hands and had Hong Yu hurry to pack some clothes before getting ready to head out.

Qi Zheng chuckled out loud and sat her on his thigh. “Little girl, why are you so funny?”

“What little girl? I’m your wife! Don’t make it sound like I’m a child.” Shen Ziqiao protested unhappily.

“Mn, you’re my wife.” Qi Zheng smiled and bit on her lips, sucking.

Hong Yu and Hong Ying lowered their heads, walking out with red faces.

Shen Ziqiao moved around, struggling. “Qi Zheng, wait, wait. Let’s make some rules.”

Qi Zheng was confused. “You want to make rules?”

“Right, you can’t...can’t keep doing that. How can I go and meet people like this?” Shen Ziqiao pouted. “And, you can’t do that… at night either. Indulging in debauchery will hurt your body. You have to control yourself for the sake of your body.” Shen Ziqiao’s face flushed after saying this.

“What can I do about this? It's been so many years. I can’t control myself for the moment…” Qi Zheng held in his laugh and hugged her tighter. He pulled her hands and brought them down to a certain spot. “I finally got a taste.”

Shen Ziqiao glared at him angrily. “You can’t do that in the morning either.”

“You don’t like it?” Qi Zheng said in her ears. “Jiao Jiao, I like you… do you not like it?”

This question...how was she supposed to answer it?

“By nature, we desire food and sex. I like you which is why I like doing that with you.” Qi Zheng continued to talk in an ambiguous tone. His warm kisses landing on her eyes and lips.

Shen Ziqiao hid in his arms and said in a small voice, “I like it too...but you need to restrict yourself.”

Qi Zheng laughed. There was no point talking to him about control. How was he supposed to do that with her?

“First Madam, Shen Family’s fourth miss is here.” A maid suppressed her voice as if afraid of disturbing them.

Shen Ziqiao smacked Qi Zheng’s hands and slipped out of his arms. In an angry voice, “My sister is coming for me. I’m going to meet her. Hurry up and we’ll leave in a bit.”

She still has her mind set on going to the village.

“Hurry up.” Qi Zheng smiled.

Shen Ziqiao tidied up before walking out of the room to meet Shen Zixin in the lounge.

Who knew what she wanted to meet her for. She was still ignoring her yesterday so clearly, there was still a matter that gnawed at her mind.

Shen Zixin had no choice but to come for Shen Ziqiao.

Today, her father had called her to the study and asked her if she wanted to attend the Plum Appreciation Banquet and compete to become a concubine of the crown prince.

This was the first time father was concerned for her. Shen Zixin hesitated before nodding.

However, she was then scolded by Second Master Shen.

She didn’t understand. Why couldn’t she become the princess consort? Could she really not compare to Shen Ziqiao?

“Xin’er.” Shen Ziqiao appeared outside the lounge. She froze, seeing Shen Zixin holding the cup of tea in her hands. She slowly walked in and asked, “What do you need me for?”

Shen Zixin stood up and stared fixated at Shen Ziqiao. Seeing her bright and clear eyes and her smiling expression...she must be living a good life since she married Qi Zheng, right?

“Do me a favor.” Shen Zixin lowered her head, not wanting to look at Shen Ziqiao.

“What?” Shen Ziqiao asked while smiling. Shen Zixin was willing to seek her help. Did that mean she didn’t mind anymore?

“I want to go to the Plum Appreciation Banquet. Help me.” Shen Zixin pursed her lips stubbornly.

Shen Ziqiao froze. Plu, Appreciation Banquet? She suddenly came to a realization and became deeply disappointmented in her. “Xin’er, you heard the conversation between me and my elder brother. You want to enter the palace…”

“I’m not any worse than you. Why can’t I enter the palace?” Shen Zixin exclaimed out of spite.

“You think I have the responsibility of bringing you to the Plum Appreciation Banquet? Xin’er, I don’t owe you anything.” Shen Ziqiao said softly. When she was in the Shen Family and was ignored by everyone, only Shen Zixin treated her as her sister. Not only did she bring her good food, she also went to chat with her frequently.

How did it turn to this point?

Shen Ziqiao disliked this feeling a lot. She dismissed Hong Yu and Hong Ying. The two sisters were the only ones in the lounge. Shen Ziqiao said in a hushed tone, “Because of Qi Zheng, you think that you have been wronged and that I stole your marriage, causing you to become the laughing stock in everyone’s eyes, right?”

Shen Zixin pursed her lips tightly. Even though she didn’t say anything, it seemed like she agreed.

“Even without the bestowed marriage, there’s no way Qi Zheng would marry you.” Shen Ziqiao looked at Shen Zixin solemnly. She told her about her entire story with Qi Zheng. “I haven’t told you that Qi Zheng and I already knew each other from five years ago...Our first meeting started with us fighting. Back then, there were rumors about us so our grandmother wanted to marry me off to him. At that time, he was still an idiot...Later on, we met again in the village and I had given him a beating. For some reason, he ended up not being an idiot anymore after that. When my father came back, he brought me over to apologize to him. Father also told me that he wanted to marry me off to Qi Zheng too...When Qi Zheng was leaving for the northwest, he promised that he’d marry me once he comes back…”

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