Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1577: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 61)

“Emperor…...Emperor…..you mustn’t listen to his nonsense!”  Imperial tutor Yue suddenly kneeled down, “He has many soldiers and wants to eradicate this old minister’s influence to…..usurp the throne!”

“The words of a villain!”  Meng Hun directly put his sword on imperial tutor Yue’s neck and said through gritted teeth, “Only a villain like you can say such rebellious words.”

Imperial tutor Yue’s face turned pale in fright from Meng Huns’ actions, but he knew that he had to be calm at this moment.

He had quite a bit of influence in court and there would be many people who spoke up for him.

Not to mention that his daughter had already married the emperor.  The Yue Family was tied with the royal family, so as long as Lin Nan Yi was on his side, a trivial general couldn’t control the court.

“Wen De, bring the letters over for this one.”  Lin Nan Yi narrowed his brows before saying to Luo Qing Chen beside him in a low voice, “Just wait a bit, it’ll be alright soon.”

He didn’t want her to spend the ceremony under the veil the entire time.  He had planned on taking off the veil and making the ministers bow.

But right now, he had to take care of his biggest problem first.

Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand to take the tape off her mouth and softly said, “Alright……”

Lin Nan Yi who had been calm suddenly panicked a bit.

How long had it been since she sat by his side and talked softly to him?

Their encounter, their meeting again, and their acquaintance had been spent in constant pain.

But after this pain, when the night was silent, he felt very happy thinking about it.

It was a strange happiness…..that brought a smile to his lips.

“Ke, ke……”  He took the letter and seriously looked at it before knitting his brows, “The letters are mainly written in their language and there were some other letters received.  Imperial tutor Yue, did you really collude with them?”

Meng Hun didn’t forget to add, “Reporting to the emperor, the letters received came from this subordinate’s spy in their camp.  The timing of the letters match the ones from imperial tutor Yue’s manor perfectly!”

“This old minister…...This old minister is being wronged, emperor!”  Imperial tutor Yue had a bit of panic in his eyes as he desperately shook his head, “This old minister only had a few deals with them…..Just exchanging a few products, this old minister really hasn’t committed treason!”

After being an official for all these years, imperial tutor Yue knew that at this moment, even if the letters from his manor didn’t have any information that stated he colluded with the other country.

Just based on this, it was hard for him to clear himself.

This Meng Hun was clearly aiming at him.  His wife and child being taken was being pinned on him!

This truly was evil!

But he had a life saving straw which was Lin Nan Yi.

As long as Lin Nan Yi didn’t think he colluded with them, he wouldn’t be charged.

But if Lin Nan Yi did think this…...

No, his daughter Yue Cai Zhi was now his wife, the empress.

If he as the royal father in law was accused of treason, where would the face of the court go!

In order to preserve the face of the country, for the empress, Lin Nan Yi would definitely be on his side and not side with Meng Hun.

“Someone, imperial tutor Yue has colluded with the enemy and there is clear evidence!”  Lin Nan Yi looked at him with his deep eyes, “Quickly take him away and lock him in prison!”

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