Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1574: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 58)

“Big brother……”

“Actually this one wants to stand by her side and go against the entire world more than you…..”

But if he did this, it would hurt her.  He would rather be the bad person.


Mirror Moon Hall.

The maids all came around and the festive sounds of gongs and drums filled her ears.

So noisy, what was this place?  Shouldn’t she be in jail?

No, shouldn’t she have failed the mission and returned to the Chaos Space?

What was this situation?  She remembered that she had finished the wine…...

There was a faint scent of makeup in the air and there was something on the top o f her head.  There was soft ribbon tying her hands and there was a long gauze covering her face, even her mouth was blocked.

She slightly knitted her brows.  When she was about to stand up, two maids came over.

“Ah, the empress was here!  You really…..scared these maids?”

“Quick, quick, quick, the empress conferring ceremony is about to begin, help the empress into the sedan.”  There was the voice of a minister that came from outside.

This minister was the one who delivered the new brides.

Empress?  Empress conferring ceremony?


Luo Qing Chen was stunned, but before she could react, she was already put in the sedan.

The maids beside her kept talking and her blank mind slowly came back to her senses.

In the jail, she must have been knocked out…...

This definitely wasn’t a temporary plan.  Wen De’s appearance, the changing of the guards, everything had been accurately calculated.

Also, what Wen De said when he gave her the wine, listening to it now…..it was indeed a bit…..strange!

‘Miss Luo, the emperor can’t keep you here.’

‘The emperor asks your highness to forgive him, he didn’t tell you before deciding this matter.’


She kept thinking of what Wen De had said to her again and again.  This means that since she broke into the Mirror Moon Hall alone, Lin Nan Yi was planning on switching her and Yue Cai Zhi?

So the person in jail now was Yue Cai Zhi?

The festive sounds of gongs and drums filled her ears.  The maid standing beside her seriously helped her out of the sedan.

“These ministers welcome the empress, long live the empress.”

The voices of the officials of the court suddenly rang out and she couldn’t help thinking that this was a grand scene.

Even if she couldn’t see anything, she could still feel how solemn it was.

“Empress, please remember your right foot first and then left.  Every time you take a step up the jade stairs, you must remember to think of the people of the court and the citizens!”  The minister on the side came forward and said this word for word.

It had to be said that she was suddenly nervous at this moment.

The snow under her feet was a bit deep and the red cloak on her was made of minx fur, it was not Yue Cai Zhi’s.

The previous host had seen this cloak in the Supreme Harmony Hall and had wanted it from him, but he didn’t give it.

He said that this cloak was to be given to the one he loved the most…...

It wasn’t Yue Cai Zhi or the previous host.

It was her…...

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  When those pearl inlaid shoes stepped on the snow, it didn’t feel cold at all.

With each jade step, she silently thought ‘for the people of the court and the citizens’......

May the emperor have a good life and stay by her side.

Although she didn’t know what terrifying method Lin Nan Yi used to make the ministers accept her taking the phoenix crown.

She knew that no one could understand the hardships of this process…...

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