Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1573: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 57)

Outside the Supreme Harmony Hall, snow filled the sky.

Lin Dong Xue had been sitting in the snow for three hours before finally having the chance to see Lin Nan Yi.

When he walked into the Supreme Harmony Hall, not only did he see Lin Nan Yi, he also saw great general Meng Hun.

“This subordinate greets the Pacifying West King.”

“General Meng……”  Lin Dong Xue was a bit surprised to see him.

“Ke, ke……”  Lin Nan Yi sitting up top cleared his throat to say, “You’ve been waiting outside for three hours, it really makes this one worry.”

He never thought that someone else would like her in the world since she was so cruel and unreasonable, so willful and proud.

He never would have thought that his little brother who said that he would only love Yue Cai Zhi would do all this for the girl that Yue Cai Zhi hated.

“Big brother…...Qing Chen isn’t the kind of girl you think she is, she…..”

“What kind of girl she is, this one knows better than you.”  He looked up with his sharp eyes and slowly stood up.  He came to Lin Dong Xue’s side to pat his shoulder before saying with a bitter smile, “That day, this one really envied you.”

That day, in the dark night filled with snow, when she killed all with her Phoenix Dance Sword just to take Yue Cai Zhi’s life.

But her enemy was no one else but him.  He was the emperor who ruled the world who had stopped her.

At that time, his little brother Lin Dong Xue had stood against the world with her.

No one knew how much he wanted to throw away everything to stand at her side.

But he couldn’t, he couldn’t let her die.  Definitely…...not!

“Big brother……”

“Pacifying West King does not need to worry, the war has already ended and this subordinate’s wife and children are in a safe place.”  Meng Hun cupped his hands and kneeled to say, “Imperial tutor Yue’s collusion with the other side has been documented, this subordinate rushed back after the war was over!”

Lin Dong Xue was stunned as he understood everything at that moment.

From beginning to end, Lin Nan Yi was waiting and stalling.  He and Meng Hun were already prepared and everything was under his control.

“Since it’s like this, why did big brother put her…..in prison?”

Lin Dong Xue couldn’t forget how she laid against the way with tears in her eyes, with a look of absolute despair.  She softly said with a smile: It would be good if there was a pot of wine.

“Because this one didn’t think that she would kill her way into the Mirror Moon Hall for Xiao Tian.”  Lin Nan Yi gave a sigh and revealed a faint smile with a bit of love, “It really…...makes one worry.”

Lin Dong Xue felt an indescribable feeling in his heart when he saw Lin Nan Yi like this.

Once upon a time, he thought if he had met Luo Qing Chen first, he wouldn’t have loved Yue Cai Zhi that long.  If his big brother had met Yue Cai Zhi first, he wouldn’t have loved Luo Qing Chen that long.

But he realized that he was wrong.

Lin Nan Yi who was the cold emperor would always have his lips curl when there was a certain name that was mentioned, he finally understood…...

Whether Lin Nan Yi had met Yue Cai Zhi or a harem girl first.

He would only love one person.

“But…...She’s alone in jail, I’m worried……”

Who was imperial tutor Yue?  His methods weren’t normal.

“No need to worry, from the moment she came back to the palace, this one had thought of everything.”  Lin Nan Yi narrowed his deep eyes, “Even if she makes one worry, even if this one dies…..this one…..can still think of a way.”

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