His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 156 - Rules

If Old Madam Qi hadn’t wanted her to bring Gu Daiqin over, Xiao Gu didn’t want to see her niece at all. The moment he saw her, she’d recall how Feng’er was framed and forced to marry this idiot as his concubine.

Old Madam Qi said faintly, “If you’re too busy, you can let Jiao Jiao help manage the household with you.”

Xiao Gu’s face froze. What did that mean? She wanted her to hand over the power of the household to Shen Ziqiao? She wasn’t dead yet! What the heck was this damned old woman’s heart made of? She was actually able to be this biased!

“Mother, I can still manage the household. She just married into the family so she doesn’t understand anything. How could she help me?” Xiao Gu was furious inside but she didn’t dare to show this on the surface.

Old Madam Qi glanced at her. “If she doesn’t understand, then teach her. Did you understand everything when you just married into the family?”

Xiao Gu lost her face upon hearing that Old Madam had retorted her words in front of Shen Ziqiao. She lowered her head in frustration. “Mother, I understand. With daughter-in-law’s assistance, I will be able to spend more time with you.”

Shen Ziqiao snorted inside. The words were pleasant to hear. If she really helped to manage the household, Xiao Gu might actually want to eat her.

“Qin’er, come here.” Old Madam Qi ignored Xiao Gu who wore an unwell expression. Instead, she waved her hands at Gu Daiqin who had been looking around.

Gu Daiqin immediately smiled happily and walked to Old Madam Qi’s side, holding onto her hands while acting cute. She sweetly greeted, “Auntie.”

“Jiao Jiao, this is Qin’er. She’s with Feng’er.” Old Madam Qi smiled at Shen Ziqiao.

Old Madam Qi treated Gu Daiqin and Xiao Gu differently.

Back when she found out Xiao Gu was using Gu Daiqin, she was furious and almost had the duke divorce such a sinister woman. But Xiao Gu had a precondition when marrying into the family. She could only endure this anger of hers and refuse to step in to help her resolve this issue with the Gu Family, forcing Qi Feng to take in Gu Daiqin.

Although Qin’er was innocent and foolish, she had a pure heart. She wouldn’t hurt or disappoint anyone. She couldn’t rely on Xiao Gu to treat her well so Old Madam Qi hoped that Shen Ziqiao would take care of Qin’er in the future.

After she died, she’d naturally hand the family over to Shen Ziqiao. Xiao Gu and her son looked down on Gu Daiqin so when Qi Feng married a wife in the future, Qin’er situation would be more difficult.

That’s why she really hoped that Shen Ziqiao would like Qin’er.

Shen Ziqiao did like her but hearing that Old Madam say she’s with Qi Feng, she knew that Qin’er was his concubine. However...such a beautiful woman was willing to be his concubine?

“First Madam, I’m Qin’er. You’re so soft.” Gu Daiqin heard Old Madam Qi calling Shen Ziqiao, First Madam, so she followed suit.

This...Shen Ziqiao froze. She finally understood why she felt a strange feeling from Gu Daiqin.

There’s something wrong with Gu Daiqin’s intelligence.

Qi Zheng’s face darkened, unhappy that Gu Daiqin was poking Shen Ziqiao’s face.

“Stop!” Xiao Gu was furious with Gu Daiqin’s childish action. She ran over and smacked Gu Daiqin’s hands. “It’s one thing that there’s something wrong with your mind but how many times have I told you? You have to act proper in front of outsiders. Didn’t I tell you what to say and do?”

She actually dared to scold Gu Daiqin in front of Old Madam Qi’s face.

Gu Daiqin started whimpering and hid behind Shen Ziqiao.

Xiao Gu lifted her hand to hit her, not caring that Shen Ziqiao was standing in front of her. She was about to hit Shen Ziqiao in fact.

Old Madam Qi’s face darkened. “Stop!”

Qi Zheng was even quicker. Just as Xiao Gu was about to touch Shen Ziqiao, he grabbed her hand and tightened his grip, throwing Xiao Gu’s hand off.

Xiao Gu felt a numbing pain. She glared at Qi Zheng furiously. “Bastard, you dare to touch me. I’m your mother at the very least!”

“Are you okay?” Qi Zheng ignored her and asked Shen Ziqiao in a low voice.

Shen Ziqiao shook her head lightly. “I’m fine.” She turned to hold onto the trembling Gu Daiqin. “Qin’er, are you okay?”

Gu Daiqin nodded shyly, glancing at Xiao Gu fearfully.

“Do you want me to kick you out in front of the kids?!” Seeing that Xiao Gu still refused to give up, Old Madam Qi asked disappointedly.

Xiao Gu shook in fury but didn’t dare to do anything anymore.

“Okay, Jiao Jiao just came back from Shen Family so she must be tired. Go back and rest.” Old Madam Qi exclaimed softly.

Qi Zheng saluted with Shen Ziqiao. “Grandmother, then we’ll be going back now.”

Shen Ziqiao blinked her eyes at Gu Daiqin. “I’ll come and play with you tomorrow.”

Gu Daiqin’s phoenix eyes brightened. She was unable to hide her happiness with her beautiful face. She nodded her head repeatedly.

“Wait.” Xiao Gu stopped Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao. In a sinister expression, “First Madam, your elders must’ve taught you the rules when you were at home right? You have to greet your elders every morning. You understand, right?”

If not, she could teach her too.

She wanted her to pay respects every morning? Shen Ziqiao faintly smiled and nodded, expressionless. “This daughter-in-law naturally understands.”

Xiao Gu smiled in satisfaction. “Okay, that’s good then. Our Qi Family is an influential family so you have to be obedient and not lose our face…”

Old Madam Qi nodded softly hearing this. “That’s right. Qi Family is an influential family. If people don’t follow the rules, others may think our family has no manners. It’s my fault. I thought that since we were a family in the past, there’s no need to…” She smiled before continuing, “Then come and pay respects to me every morning too then.”

W-what? Xiao Gu’s expression changed. Ever since she married into the family, she had never paid respects to Old Madam Qi. She didn’t even come every few months. But wasn’t that because she didn’t want to see her daughter-in-law?

Now that she wanted to teach Shen Ziqiao rules, this old woman wants to teach her rules too?

What was this? She wanted to help Shen Ziqiao?

“Mother, weren’t you unwilling to see me?” Xiao Gu blurted.

“I’ll only not be able to see you when you’re not in the family.” Old Madam Qi faintly said.

Xiao Gu clenched her teeth. “Mother, I just want to teach my daughter-in-law the rules. After all, we can’t let others think that our Qi Family doesn’t know any rules.”

“I didn’t stop you from teaching your daughter-in-law. But you’re also my daughter-in-law.” Old Madam Qi exclaimed.

“Right, mother.” Xiao Gu’s face couldn’t help but turn ashen.

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