Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1550: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 34)

Lin Dong Xue gave a soft laugh and his brows relaxed, “Although you’ve won, it isn’t a righteous victory.”

“Why?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a confused expression.

A loss was a loss, a win was a win, why did he have to act like this…..

“Because you used a strategy!”  His lips curled as a sparkle filled his eyes.


His eyes focused as he seriously looked at her, saying word for word, “Using beauty as a distraction!”

There were some people who had accidents happen to them, beautiful and surprising accidents.

When he carried Yue Cai Zhi to the Supreme Harmony Hall last night, he couldn’t help thinking.

If in this world, the first person he met was Luo Qing Chen and not Yue Cai Zhi, would the person he fell in love with change?

Big brother…..would he be the same?

If it was Yue Cai Zhi he met first instead of Luo Qing Chen, he wouldn’t need to suffer that much…...

“Right, I’ll take you somewhere tomorrow night.”  Lin Dong Xue slowly looked away, not looking in her eyes.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t seriously look at him.  If she did look at him, she would know that for certain people, love was always above friendship.

Early in the morning, before he came to Luo Qing Chen’s place, Yue Cai Zhi invited him to the Mirror Moon Hall first.

After all this time, he couldn’t help thinking, if he didn’t go to the Mirror Moon Hall back then, would the ending between him and Luo Qing Chen be different?

But there were no ifs in this world…...

In one of the rooms of Mirror Moon Hall, Yue Cai Zhi was in a white dress, looking at him with tearful eyes as she questioned, “Why did you help her, why?  Could it be that you don’t know that she killed my little brother?”

Although Yue Ying had escaped, he still died from his heavy wounds.

He was covered in blood when he died and many parts of his skin were cut open, showing the terrifying bone beneath.

“As expected, you wanted to kill her.”  Lin Dong Xue knitted his brows and lowered his voice to ask, “Why do you want to kill her?  She’s an assassin, she would protect herself!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Yue Cai Zhi looked up at the sky and laughed, “Everyone in the world can not understand why I want to kill her, but you, Lin Dong Xue can’t!”

Every single one of her words hit his heart.

In the past, when they were studying together, Yue Cai Zhi was a girl who couldn’t even bear to kill an ant.  Now she wanted to kill a person and she didn’t even blink when doing so.

“So you stopped me yesterday to stall for the killers…...right?”  His voice clearly trembled when he said these words.

Yue Cai Zhi was no longer the Yue Cai Zhi he knew in the past.

Love made her jealous, which made her cruel…...

“Yes, yes, yes!”  She turned and grabbed Lin Dong Xue’s hand, “If you didn’t bring people to save her, Xiao Ying wouldn’t have died.”

The warm tears fell down like broken pearls…...

That was her only little brother, he had died in the hands of the person she hated the most.

How could she be willing…..She couldn’t accept this…...

“You’re wrong.”  Lin Dong Xue raised his right hand and gently wiped her tears as he said in a pained voice, “Even if I didn’t go, they wouldn’t have been able to kill her.”

He had personally experienced her swordsmanship, it definitely wasn’t below his.

“I don’t believe it.  Lin Dong Xue, you owe me, you have to help me!”  She bit her lip as determination filled her teary eyes.

“What do you want me to do?”

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