Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1546: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 30)

Luo Qing Chen heard this and waved her hand, “No need.”

Gu Feng looked at her in disbelief.  She was covered in blood, but her face didn’t seem pale at all.

Was she really not injured?  How could that be possible?

But seeing the corpses that covered the ground, he had to believe that this person in front of him was strong, unbelievably strong…...

“I’m not injured, but your people are.”  Luo Qing Chen leaned down slightly and pointed at their necks, “They’re still breathing, go and call the imperial doctor and have your men carry the three of them there.”


“Stop that, any later and they’ll die.”

As soon as her voice fell, she looked at Xiao Tian kneeling on the ground, “You go with them!”


She closed her eyes and the area around her suddenly became silent.  After a while, there was only her left in the yard.

The snow fell onto her and she felt a bit aggrieved.

Her right hand came to her waist before her eyes trembled.

The jade pendant…...The jade pendant that she found was from him was gone…..

It should have fallen during the fight.

She leaned over and pushed aside the blood stained snow, looking for that jade pendant.

Not far away, there were very faint footsteps that came in her direction.

The footsteps were soft, but the heart was heavy.

When he saw that girl’s back, his heart suddenly twisted.  He saw that she was wearing that red dress standing in the blood covered snow with her hair dancing in the wind, with the strong scent of blood and cherry blossoms in the air.

She seemed to be looking for something, very desperately…...

In the corridor, he had seen Gu Feng coming out from the corpses.

There was only Gu Feng and no one else.

Ling Dong Xue didn’t come…...

When Gu Feng said that she wasn’t injured, his heart in his throat slowly fell down.

On the way, he had rushed over here.  His mind had been blank, as if all his thoughts had stopped.

Other than being afraid, he was afraid…..

He was afraid that he would see a cold corpse when he opened the door, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take the pain of loss…..

It was a good thing that she was fine!

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen felt a chill from her back.  It was clear that someone was coming from behind her.

The person had soft footsteps, but there was a familiar feeling along with this unfamiliarity.

She slightly knitted her brows and tightly held the Phoenix Dance Sword in her right hand.  Her ears perked and after calculating the distance, she suddenly stood up.

She looked up while raising the sword.

But when she saw who it was, her right hand suddenly trembled.

The sword had accidentally pierced a layer of skin on Lin Nan Yi’s neck and blood flowed out.

“What, you still want to kill me?”

His voice sounded very good, it was cold, but it also flowed like water as it entered her ears word for word.

Luo QIng Chen didn’t say anything and just pursed her lips.  Her brows knitted slightly as her eyes turned a bit red.

She really…..was a bit aggrieved.

She had been here for a while now and she didn’t receive any affection at all.  Even without knowing what she did, the hatred would keep increasing.

There were no hugs, there was no care, there even was no….protection.

After a while, she slowly put down her sword as her eyes froze on a certain spot under his feet.

He followed her eyes to look under his feet to where there was a pendant in the snow, with a trace of blood on it.

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