Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1544: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 28)

“Emperor, Cai Zhi just drank a bit of wine and is feeling a bit uncomfortable.  I want to go back to rest first.”  Yue Cai Zhi rubbed her temples.  There was a smile that bloomed on her face and she felt a bit nervous.

Just now, she had seen someone covered in blood in the crowd.

There was only one possibility that an injured guard would appear.

That guard came from Luo Qing Chen’s cold palace.

Lin Dong Xue…...was going to save her?

That childhood friend who said that he would only love her in this life was really about to save someone she wanted to kill?

Suddenly there was unwillingness that filled her heart.

“Alright.”  Lin Nan Yi gave a nod and said nothing else.

His heart was a bit restless.  Everyone in the palace was gathered here, was Lin Nan Yi going to see her?

Just by thinking this, there was a very dissatisfied feeling in his heart.

After the song finished, he waved his hand, “This one is a bit tired, the feast can continue.”

Everyone looked at each other and the scene became awkward.  The harem girls who had been making comments towards Yue Cai Zhi became a bit flustered.

Could it be that the emperor was going to look for Yue Cai Zhi who just left?”

“The emperor is heading back!”  Wen De’s voice sounded and the music stopped as everyone said, “Respectfully sending off the emperor.”

When he came off the platform and entered the sedan, Wen De said in a small voice, “This old servant just heard that her highness met with assassins.”


“The Pacifying West King already brought Gu Feng and the others to help, the imperial guard who reported this is already dead……”

Lin Nan Yi gritted his teeth as he said in a voice without any warmth, “If there is anything related to her in the future and I’m not the first to know, there will be the possibility that your head will be lower than your neck.”

“This old servant should die.”  He quickly kneeled and said, “The emperor wants…..”

He jumped right out and ran in the direction of Luo Qing Chen’s cold palace.

The sky was filled with snowflakes which made his heart tremble, as a feeling of fear and unsettlement filled his heart.

At the same time, in a quiet hallway.

Yue Cai Zhi was panting as she stopped Lin Dong Xue.

This was her first time seeing him since entering the palace, he was still as handsome as he was in their youth.

She vaguely remembered that he would always be by her side at that time and she was the dazzling miss that attracted everyone’s jealousy.

But now…..when they met again, there was an unfamiliar feeling.

“Where are you going?”  She pursed her lips as her dark as ink eyes seriously looked at him.

“Your highness.”  Gu Feng knitted his brows as sweat appeared on his forehead.

After being with the emperor for so long, he was as understanding as Wen De.  The person in the cold palace couldn’t die because if she died, countless people in the palace would be buried with her.

“You go first……”  Lin Dong Xue crossed his hands as his heart was still a bit moved when he looked at her.

This feeling was as heavy as the snow in the sky.


Yue Cai Zhi knitted her brows and covered her chest as she took a step back, spitting out blood.

Lin Dong Xue was stunned.  He quickly reached his hand out to hold her as he asked with a nervous expression, “What is it?  How could this be…..”

He never knew that in order to stop him and buy Yue Ying time, she swallowed a small amount of Red Crane Peak.

She did this for one reason.

Even if the one she loved was Lin Nan Yi, she still wanted to know who was more important in Lin Dong Xue’s mind, her or Luo Qing Chen?

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