Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1540: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 24)

Caterpillar fungus - 100 silvers per root (30 in stock).

Snow lotus - 200 silvers per flower (20 in stock).

Knotweed - 300 silvers per root (10 in stock).


Broken Star Real Water - 500 taels of gold (5 in stock).

Battle Dragon Spirit Lotus - 1000 teals of gold (5 in stock).

Eight Divine Ginseng - 5000 teals of gold (5 in stock).


They knew about the first few herbs, but they had only seen the latter in medicine books before.

These rare and exotic herbs really were available here?

The plaque on the left side was mainly scented teas that were out of season!

“I want an Eight Divine Ginseng.  If there really is one, I’ll immediately bring the five thousand teals of gold over.”  The one who spoke was a harem girl in a red robe.  She was the daughter of a second class ministere, but she hadn’t seen the emperor once since entering the palace three years ago.

Even if she came from a prominent family, it was a pity that the emperor treated everyone in the harem the same, not letting them enter the Supreme Harmony Hall.

Of course there was the exception of Luo Qing Chen from before and Yue Cai Zhi now.

“Greetings to the miss.  Our princess recognizes money and not people, but since you are a noble guest, we can take out the Eight Divine Ginseng for you first.”  Xiao Tian replied skillfully, but most of it was taught to her by Luo Qing Chen.

If you opened a business and didn’t know how to talk, no matter how good your things are, no one would want to buy it and you wouldn’t have any income.

Taking out an exquisite box, Xiao Tian handed over the Eight Diving Ginseng, “Miss, please take a look.”

The red robed harem girl took it and slowly opened the box before revealing a look of shock, “It really is the Eight Divine Ginseng.  This was grown in a foreign land three hundred years ago, but after that land was destroyed, there were few left that existed.”

This place…...it really could take out the Eight Divine Ginseng…..

“Is the miss satisfied?”  Xiao Tian gave a soft laugh, while feeling particularly proud.

She had felt this feeling when she wandered the world with her father.

But she never felt it again after her father passed…...

Now that she was following Luo Qing Chen, she could feel it again…..It was like she found her meaning of existence.

“Very good.”  She waved her hand at her maid, “Go to my room and take out five thousand taels of gold.”

“Yes, miss.”

“Si!”  Everyone was very surprised.  Not only because of the rare herb, but also because of the peach blossoms blooming in this heavy snow.

After a while, everyone took out their silvers and gold and came forward.

“I want a bag of peach blossoms.”

“I want a box of caterpillar fungus.”

“Give me a Broken Star Real Water.  If you drink a cup of this before sleeping, you’ll feel warm all night……”


In less than two hours, there was only one line of words left on the two plaques in front of the Golden Palace: All out of stock today, please come earlier in seven days!

Although the things the system gave grew faster than normal…..

It took time for things to grow, this was true for herbs and flowers.

In front of all this gold and items like silk, satin, and jade bracelets used to replace gold, Luo Qing Chen suddenly felt that the attic beside her had a use.

In this ancient style attic, she would make a luxurious…..closet!


In less than three days, the prestige of the Golden Palace spread through the entire palace.  Sitting in the Supreme Harmony Hall, when Lin Nan Yi heard this news, his eyes changed a bit, but he didn’t say a thing.

Yue Cai Zhi on the side couldn’t take it and she pursed her lips, “What previous herbs…..she couldn’t cure the emperor’s poison.”

Lin Nan Yi didn’t even look at her as he said to Wen De, “The envoys from Tian Zhu are coming in seven days.  Help this one draw up a document and arrange for the country to welcome them.”

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