Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1529: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 13)

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to look at Xiao Lan before finally turning to Wen De, “No need, you don’t need to send food to me.”


“How could someone who lives in the cold palace have someone important in the palace deliver food to me.”

The previous host’s memories of Xiao Lan weren’t deep, but Xiao Lan looked good and when she was in the Supreme Harmony Hall, she had some impressions of her.

She definitely wasn’t a normal maid, she should be Lin Nan Yi’s personal maid.

“But your highness……”

“There’s no buts, you just need to send some words for me.”

“Please tell me……”

“Ask him to believe…..believe what I told him yesterday.”


When Wen De returned to the Supreme Harmony Hall, he was faced with a dark look on Lin Nan Yi’s face.

His complexion didn’t seem bad today, his pale face had a bit of blood in it.

“She won’t eat?”  Lin Nan Yi knitted his brows.  No matter what the situation was before, she wouldn’t treat herself poorly.

No matter how forced she was, she would eat or drink what she should, she wouldn’t play a joke with her body.

But what did she want to do now?

“Help me watch over her, report to me if anything happens.”  He narrowed his eyes as a glint appeared in it, “Don’t let her die.”

“Yes.  Right emperor, miss Yue is here for an audience.”

“Let her come in.”

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the empty porcelain vase on the table, feeling a feeling that he couldn’t describe.

He wasn’t willing to throw away the things he gave her.  He couldn’t tell the imperial doctor, he couldn’t tell anyone.

They had met alone yesterday, if something were to happen to him, he wouldn’t be able to make sure she would be safe.

Therefore, he accepted Yue Cai Zhi’s medicine.  The imperial doctor said that this medicine was only good for nourishing his body and wouldn’t help the poison in his body.

But when he got up this morning, he felt like his body was as light as a swallow.

All his blood was no longer suppressed and the qi in dantian was very smooth.

There was only one reason, the medicine she gave him was the real antidote.

At the same time, Lin Dong Xue in the Cold West Hall clenched his fists with an unwilling look in his eyes.

“Your highness……”

“Don’t say anything.”  He gave a soft sigh, “She finally received what she wanted, I should be happy for her.”

“But your highness is clearly…..the one who is sincere towards miss Yue!”  The maid Ying Ying standing on the side slightly knitted her brows, “And the emperor…...is about to……”

“You can’t speak nonsense!”  Lin Nan Yi coldly looked at her, “Without reaching the final moment, I will not give up on big brother.  She should…...feel the same!”

Lin Dong Xue liked Yue Cai Zhi, Yue Cai Zhi liked Lin Nan Yi, Lin Nan Yi liked Luo Qing Chen…...

This was the endless cycle over the years, never ending and never being able to end.

“Yes, your highness.”  Ying Ying quickly kneeled down, “This servant deserves death.”

“Rise.”  He let out a long breath, “Luo Qing Chen is locked in the Fierce Spirit Hall?”

“Yes, Wen De already sent breakfast over, but he was rejected.”

“Rejected?”  Lin Dong Xue knitted his brows as he said in a confused voice, “It can’t be that she can’t think this through…..”

The early spring before winter ended was especially cold and Luo Qing Chen was shivering even with two quilts over her.

This kind of world without heating, so there was a bit of helplessness when it came to nature.

“Save me, save me, save me!”

“Stop making noise!”

When she was planning on taking a nap, she never thought that she would be woken up by sounds that came from outside.

She put on a robe and walked out.

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