Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1519: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 3)

The previous host didn’t know why Lin Nan Yi brought her to the palace at first since she hadn’t been good to him when he had been a hostage at the Glazed Glass Country.

Later she thought that Lin Nan Yi must be taking revenge on her.

There were many girls in the harem and there were two concubines.

But whether Lin Nan Yi went hunting or held a banquet in the palace, he only ever brought her.

It was because of this that she was envied by people of the harem who tried to hurt her from time to time.

This made her suddenly think of when she did this to him in the Glazed Glass Country.

Although he always spoke coldly, she only took him wherever she went.

There were many men who liked her that took this out on him, making his life as a hostage even more miserable.

But the funny thing was that the people who wanted to hurt the previous host never met a good end.

She ate well, dressed well, slept well, but she didn’t give up the idea of assassinating Lin Nan Yi.

In her eyes, he destroyed her country and made her the subjugated princess that everyone laughed at.

She used daggers, hidden needles, poison, and secret arrows.

She used everything, but with Lin Nan Yi’s skills and medical knowledge, she had never succeeded.

After failing to poison him again, he asked her, “You want this one to die that much?”

She replied, “We cannot live in the same world after you destroyed my country.”

His eyes turned dim, “Then do your best.”

When Yan Yu Meng appeared, the previous host finally succeeded.

It was a dinner where the western region was paying tribute in gold and beauties.

The previous host was brought along by Lin Nan Yi as usual, putting a poison that would numb his body in his drink.

The poison was given to her by Yan Yu Meng and if she used any other poison, he could smell it, but he didn’t notice it this time.

In the end, after he drank this poisoned wine, his lips curled into a self deprecating smile.

Yan Yu Meng shouted that he drank it and removed his disguise to attack.

The target wasn’t Lin Nan Yi, but rather the previous host.

Because she knew that after he took the poison, there was still the chance of dodging the attack.  If he was protecting someone, he couldn’t dodge.

The previous host betted that he would save her, using herself as bait to kill him.

In the end, she succeeded.

Lin Nan Yi came in front of her and the poison sword stabbed him, but he still held her tightly.

The poison on the sword was something she had given Yan Yu Meng, she knew better than anyone how strong it was.

The previous host used herself as bait because she knew that Lin Nan Yi was different from her.

A person liking someone, even if they didn’t know in the beginning, they could feel it after a long time.

She used Lin Nan Yi’s love for her for a final bet, she bet that he would save her.

In the chaos, the previous host left the palace with Yan Yu Meng.

They were unimpeded all the way.

A month later, the male lead died of the poison.  His little brother Lin Dong Xue took the throne.  He returned the previous host’s mother and little brother as per Lin Nan Yi’s wishes.

At the same time, he cleared out the remnant of Yan Yu Meng’s country, but he let her go.

He said, “I want to cut you into ten thousand pieces, but protecting you was the final decree of my big brother.”

In the end, he gave her a box which contained fragmented letters from the male lead.

From the first encounter in the Glazed Glass Country to meeting again.  The final words he wrote were, “I hate you, but I can’t speak of love.  Without reciprocating love, it can’t be considered love, so I might not have loved you.”

After a few more days, the previous host died of illness, always feeling guilt towards Lin Nan Yi.

But she didn’t know if she hated him more or loved him more.

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