Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1512: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 70)

When the two sets of parents met, un, they were acquaintances.

A City wasn’t that big, so rich people naturally bumped into each other.  When the two saw each other, it created a very funny conversation.

Luo Qing Chen sitting on the side almost broke out in laughter.

Papa Wen: Aiya, brother Luo’s daughters are truly beautiful.  Do you still remember when we discussed whether they should get married a few years ago?

Papa Luo: I do, I do!  It must all be fate!

Mama Wen: Why didn’t we set it back then!

Mama Luo: My child likes to mess around all the time.  I remember him saying that he was looking for a partner online, what attack…..what attack voice.

Mama Wen: ?

Seeing her mother looking awkward, Luo Qing Chen quickly said in a soft voice, “Don’t doubt, don’t be awkward, he was talking about me!”

She met Wen Yan Chen’s deep gaze and mouthed out these words, “Is it true that you had a crush on me?”

“It’s true.”  He replied without any hesitation, with eyes that were as gentle as water.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help lowering her head and smiling.  It seems like when they had just become friends, the words ‘maybe’ weren’t fake after all!


Luo Qing Chen thought that they would wait until after graduation to get married, but the parents of both sides firmly believed that they should get married now!

Mama Wen told Wen Yan Chen, “Such a good daughter in law, what if someone takes her away during university?”

Mama Luo had said to Luo Qing Chen, “He’s the school hunk, there must be a bunch of people who like him.  If you don’t get in the car before graduating, you might not be able to get on.”

Therefore, their wedding was set for the end of the year.

It was a very long process and very rushed, so they didn’t go to school over the next month.  They didn’t even have time to log into QQ.

They were busy picking wedding dresses, buying a house, and preparing a guest list.  All the people in the Drunken Bliss group thought that they had disappeared while passersby sent pictures of their wedding on Weibo.

Winter’s Snow: I met my two favourite online gods when I was on vacation in France!  @Thinking of Clear Dust, @Half Warm Cup.  Attached jpg.

Falling White Robe V: Warm Cup, damn, you’re not inviting me to your wedding?  6666 Likes.

Flourishing Song V: Ah, ah, ah!  God Clear Dust is so, so beautiful!  (^U^)ノI want to go to the wedding, I want to go even without a wedding invitation!  5558 Likes.

-Falling White Robe V: Wife, where’s your dignity?

-Flourishing Song V replying to Falling White Robe V: Splendid said that there’s no need for dignity in front of the two gods.  @Splendid.

Splendid V: Super beautiful!  2580 Likes.

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love: Goddess, goddess, goddess!  My goddess is marrying my god, there is nothing that make me happier in the world compared to this.  1250 Likes.

That Summer: It really seems like a love story from a fairy tale.  558 Likes.


Some time later, Wen Yan Chen sent a post on Weibo and even included a picture of Luo Qing Chen’s wedding dress from the back.

In Provence in France, the sea and sky are the same, it’s like a dream.

Half Warm Cup V: Next month on the third will be my wedding with @Thinking of Clear Dust.  Many thanks for this splendid encounter that has been a dream to me.  All the colleagues from Drunken Bliss are invited to come to our wedding!  @Drunken Bliss Official Account.

After Wen Yan Chen sent this post, the complaints in the group turned to blessings.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to send a message in the group.

[VA]Thinking of Clear Dust: Please remember my phone number if you come to the wedding, you can call me at 1385010**** if you get lost.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: God Clear Dust is the best!  (^U^)ノ

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