His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 151 - Serving Tea (1)

Shen Ziqiao panted, spent, after feeling something explode from inside her body. This feeling was too torturing. This was her first time experiencing it and she felt as if her entire body had crumbled apart.

Qi Zheng still didn’t stop. He lifted her legs high and he thrusted deeply in and out, ramming her.

This was an amazing feeling!

Being squeezed by the soft and tender lips was much more comfortable and pleasant than beheading that supreme khan’s head. He had never felt this way in his dreams before.

“Jiao Jiao…” He violently thrusted, calling her name while panting. “Look at me, look at me.”

Shen Ziqiao couldn’t control her moans anymore. She felt the pleasant feeling spread through her entire body.

“Hurry up…” There was a weeping tone in her voice. She couldn’t help but sit up and bite his shoulders.

Qi Zheng let out a groan and released himself finally.

He slipped out of her and laid down next to her, bringing her in his arms. His eyes brightened. He wasn’t tired in the least bit. Instead, he appeared more refreshed and spirited than before,

Shen Ziqiao was so tired that she didn’t even want to move. She didn’t even have the energy to lift her finger.

“Jiao Jiao, do you like it?” He gently kissed the corner of her lips, his voice hoarse and deep. His hands rubbed against her legs.

Like what? Shen Ziqiao bit her lower lips and glared at him.

Qi Zheng felt his body warming up after watching her bite her lips. His sturdy chest was tightly pressed against her back. His erection stood up and pressed against her legs.

“Do you like it like this? Tell me, Jiao Jiao.” Qi Zheng’s voice had become hoarse. His warm breath sprinkled on her face and then he kissed her again.

Shen Ziqiao moaned. It’s also torture when your man has great stamina!

“I don’t.” She buried her head under the pillow and murmured.

Qi Zheng got on top of her and sucked on her earlobes, asking in a hoarse voice, “What don’t you like? Don’t like me kissing you or don’t...like me doing this?”

While kissing her, he actually entered her from behind.

The numb feeling had risen from her abdomen again. Shen Ziqiao’s voice became cracked. “Bastard, bastard, you...aren’t you tired?”

Qi Zheng thrusted in and out slowly. In a panting voice, “You don’t know...how long I’ve been thinking of you. Jiao Jiao, I never thought that this feeling would’ve been so great. I like it a lot. Do you like it?”

He really wanted her answer.

Shen Ziqiao said that she didn’t like it out of spite.

Qi Zheng slowed down even more. While kissing her back, he massaged the tender skin on her chest. “I’ll get you to like it.”

This was even more torturing! Shen Ziqiao felt herself melting into a puddle. She felt empty but irritable inside. She couldn’t be satisfied no matter what but he was still slowly entering her.

“I do.” She cried, “I like you the most…”

Qi Zheng lowered his head and captured her lips. There was a splendid smile in his eyes. “Say it again, Jiao Jiao, say it again.”

“Brother, I like you the most.” Shen Ziqiao was like a boiling shrimp. “Q...quicker.”

Qi Zheng felt like he was warmed up by the sun. He was so comfortable and couldn’t form any words. He held her waist and quickened his pace up until the two reached their climax did he sigh in satisfaction. He hugged Shen Ziqiao tightly, unable to say anything.

Shen Ziqiao laid limp in his arms and begged, “I can’t do it. I can’t do it again.”

“Okay, okay, that’s it for today.” Qi Zheng kissed her cheeks and smiled. “Let me wipe you up.”

Qi Zheng rolled over and got out of bed, bringing over the bowl of warm water that he had long prepared in the restroom. He took Shen Ziqiao’s white handkerchief out from underneath her. Seeing the red bloodstain, his expression changed slightly. He hurriedly pulled her legs apart. Seeing her tender spot becoming swollen, his heart ached.

“Does it hurt?” He wiped her with a warm towel. Seeing that she couldn’t even keep her eyes open due to exhaustion, he regretted not considering her body first.

It mustn’t feel comfortable for her first time...

Unlike him who always felt insatiable.

He wiped Shen Ziqiao’s body down and then cleaned himself up too. Then he got back in bed and brought Shen Ziqiao into his arms.

Shen Ziqiao moved around and found a comfortable position before falling back asleep.

She didn’t wake up until the next day.

By the time she woke up, Qi Zheng was already up. The pillow next to her was already cold. He must’ve been up for awhile. Shen Ziqiao wanted to stretch. Who knew that she just moved and she felt a swelling pain coming from underneath her. Her entire body was also so sore that she let out a gasp.

Yesterday’s scenes had rushed into her mind. Shen Ziqiao buried her face into her pillow. This really...

“Madam is awake?” Qi Zheng’s deep voice rang.

It seemed like she needed to serve tea to the elders. Shen Ziqiao let out a gasp and hurriedly sat up.

Qi Zheng moved the curtains to the side and walked in. Seeing that she was already up, he revealed a bright smile on his handsome face. “You’re awake?”

She was still naked! Shen Ziqiao hurriedly covered herself with a blanket. She didn’t have time to answer him. “You...go out for now. I need to wear my clothes.”

“I’ll help you.” Qi Zheng smiled and sat by the bed, grabbing the undergarment next to her, about to help her wear it.

“No, no. I can do it myself.” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed with a red face.

Qi Zheng brought Shen Ziqiao and the blanket into his arms. His hand made its way into the blanket and on her legs. “Sorry, last night...I hurt you.”

Shen Ziqiao kept her head down awkwardly, coming to a shocking realization that area didn’t seem to hurt at all. Even more, there was a cool feeling.

It had burned a bit last night.

“You...had applied ointment for me?” She stuttered. Although they were married, she still felt embarrassed that he had seen her private part.

Qi Zheng kissed her face. “I saw it last night. It was a bit swollen. My bad. Does it still hurt now?”

Shen Ziqiao shook her head lightly. She said bashfully, “It doesn’t hurt.”

She was really shy! Qi Zheng looked at her pampering and pulled her blankets away, revealing her great figure. She hurriedly covered her chest and turned to glare at him. Qi Zheng took in a harsh breath. Glancing at her fair skin, his throat suddenly felt dry.

“I’ll help you wear it.” Qi Zheng said in her ears hoarsely. Pulling her hands away, he tied her undergarment behind her neck.

When his hands slid down, he accidentally touched her bright red buds.

Shen Ziqiao could feel his hands pausing there for a moment.

She turned and went to wear her undergarments herself.

Qi Zheng pulled her over and she fell right in his arms. He lowered his head and captured her lips.

“No…” They needed to go serve tea still! Time was running out.

His tongue slipped into her mouth and he eagerly played with her tongue. His hands seemed to have his own consciousness and he had already been massaging her globes.

If this continued, she really couldn’t go outside to meet anyone today!

Shen Ziqiao slapped him out of anger.

Qi Zheng let her go while panting heavily. His eyes brightened at the sight of her chest.

“We still need to serve tea to the Old Madam!” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed unhappily.

“We don’t need to rush.” Qi Zheng smiled. Grandmother had already sent someone over, telling him that they could go over later.

Shen Ziqiao glared at him angrily. “Leave!”

“Let me help you.” Qi Zheng immediately said.

“I won’t believe you anymore.” Shen Ziqiao said in disdain, refusing to let him help her wear her clothes. How was he helping her wear her clothes? More like helping her remove the clothes.

Qi Zheng exclaimed in a gentle voice, “Really, I won’t do anything this time. Aren’t you still swollen? How could I bear?...I can’t just eat you in one go. I have to save you for next time, right?”

Yes my ass! Shen Ziqiao rolled her eyes.

“Here.” Qi Zheng calmed down his desire. He really helped Shen Ziqiao wear her clothes without doing anything else.

“What time is it now?” Shen Ziqiao yawned.

Qi Zheng laughed, “It’s early morning. After we go serve tea to the Old Madam, you can come back and sleep for a while longer.”

She could come back and sleep for a while longer? That’s amazing! Shen Ziqiao smiled and had the maids come in to freshen her up.

Mo Zhu led the other maid wearing the same-colored clothes to arrange breakfast.

She should be the Lu Zhu that Qi Zheng mentioned to her before.

After Shen Ziqiao finished getting dressed, the two people officially kowtowed at Shen Ziqiao. They were second-grade maids that Qi Zheng arranged to take care of Shen Ziqiao. He was afraid that she didn’t understand anything since she had just married into the residence.

Hong Yu had rewarded the two maids two top-notch embroidered pouches according to Shen Ziqiao’s order from before.

The two had a simple breakfast before Qi Zheng brought Shen Ziqiao to Old Madam Qi’s courtyard. Everyone had come, not just people from the residence but even the second household that lived in the west residence had come too. Everyone was in the lounge.

Shen Ziqiao knew less than five of the people in the lounge. She followed behind Qi Zheng and walked inside observing everyone.

“Ah, the new couple has arrived.” A woman wearing jewelry smiled and exclaimed.

Everyone looked over. After briefly glancing at Qi Zheng, questioning gazes landed on Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao wore a red embroidered kesi with a pink flowery dress. Her hair was pulled up stylishly. She wore a dangling ornament on her thick hair which sparkled as she walked. Paired with that, she had willow earrings which made her look beautiful and generous. No one could steal her spotlight as she stood next to Qi Zheng. They were a match made from heaven.

Old Madam Qi smiled as she glanced at the new couple in front of her. She complained, “Didn’t I say you guys don’t need to come over that early? Jiao Jiao, how was your rest?”

Shen Ziqiao exclaimed with a red face, “Grandmother, I rested pretty good.”

Duke An sat on the other side and smiled glancing at his son and his wife, the smile deep in his eyes.

“Old Madam, the Madam is here to serve you tea.” A nanny placed a praying mat in front of Shen Ziqiao.

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