His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 150 - Wedding

Shen Ziqiao wore a faint smile. Her eyes were bright like the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight. Qi Zheng glanced at her beautiful face and his heart softened at the sight of her. He would’ve hugged her already had there not be anyone else in the room.

Princess Nihong watched as the couple was focused on each other and couldn’t even hear anyone else’s words. There was a smile in her eyes. “The groom already can’t keep his eyes off the bride. Can you still go out to toast others?”

Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao’s faces flushed.

After they shared a nuptial cup, Qi Zheng pinched Shen Ziqiao’s palm before being urged to toast outside by the Princess Nihong.

Princess Nihong talked to Shen Ziqiao. There were other women in the room that Shen Ziqiao didn’t know. Even more, she only found out after Princess Nihong introduced them.

They were all madams that frequently walked around the capital.

Shen Ziqiao noticed that two of them looked at her with picky gazes and they weren’t so friendly. Everyone was congratulating her but only the two stood there elegantly and reserved.

The women sat with Shen Ziqiao for a while before they smiled and retreated at Princess Nihong’s nod. The latter said, “Rest well since there’s no one here. You’ll be tired tonight.”

“Princes…” Shen Ziqiao looked at her speechlessly. Why did she feel like her words were so ambiguous?

“Those two are close to Xiao Gu so don’t mind their attitudes. As well as that Xiao Gu… just get along with her however Qi Zheng wants you to.” Princess Nihong exclaimed.

Shen Ziqiao took this to mind.

After Princess Nihong left, Hong Yu and Hong Ying walked inside. Because Shen Ziqiao couldn’t get out of bed, she just ate some things on the bed and patiently waited for Qi Zheng to come back.

Not long later, a maid wearing peach-red clothes requested Shen Ziqiao’s presence. Hong Ying hurriedly pulled the curtains to the side and invited her in.

“Madam, this maid is the eldest master’s maid, Mo Zhu. The eldest master wants this maid to tell you that you don’t have to stay up and wait for him to come back. You can rest first.” Mo Zhu’s voice was crisp and she wore a bright gaze, exclaiming this humbly and respectfully. One would have a favorable impression of her at first glance.

Shen Ziqiao knew that this was the maid Qi Zheng trusted most.

Besides Mo Zhu, there’s also Lu Zhu, the maid she trusted. Qi Zheng had told her about this in the past and she had long kept this in her heart.

She looked at Hong Yu.

Hong Yu understood and immediately held Mo Zhu’s hands, shoving a top-notch embroidered pouch in her hands. “Many thanks to sister for reminding Madam.”

Mo Zhu generously accepted the reward and bowed at Shen Ziqiao. “Madam, thank you for the reward.”

Shen Ziqiao faintly smiled at her and asked about the situation in the front yard.

“There are lots of guests including long time friends of the family, the Duke’s colleagues and friends… as well as the eldest master’s colleagues. They all want to toast to the eldest master. Thankfully, he had prepared beforehand.” Mo Zhu responded.

What did that mean? Shen Ziqiao looked confusedly at Mo Zhu.

Mo Zhu exclaimed in a low voice, “The wine has been prepared in advance for the eldest master.”

They must’ve mixed it with water! Shen Ziqiao knew immediately. He’s so sneaky! She couldn’t help but laugh thinking of this.

“Madam, rest first. This maid will be guarding outside. Just order this maid to do anything you need.” Afraid of disturbing Shen Ziqiao’s rest, Mo Zhu hurriedly saluted and then backed off.

Hong Ying smiled and held onto Mo Zhu’s hands. “Third miss, this maid and Sister Mo Zhu will go and talk outside.”

She probably wanted to get to know the situation in the residence.

Shen Ziqiao smiled and nodded. Her head felt heavy because of the phoenix crown she was wearing.

She had Hong Yu remove the phoenix crown for her. She leaned against the cushion and closed her eyes to rest for a while.

She hadn’t slept well last night at all, thinking about getting married today. She had gotten up early in the morning and after going through all of this, she couldn’t even stand up still.

She subconsciously fell into deep slumber.

It was unclear how long passed but she vaguely heard a deep voice saying, “...You guys can leave now. You don’t need to be here for now.”

After some rustling, the room became quiet again.

Shen Ziqiao opened her eyes, still confused. She suddenly remembered that she had gotten married today.

“Ah! I actually fell asleep.” She exclaimed shockingly and suddenly sat up straight.

“You’re awake?” Qi Zheng had removed his wedding clothes and was now wearing an indigo blue silk robe, looking deeply at Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao rubbed her eyes and asked, “How long have I been asleep for? When did you come back?”

“You slept for around two hours and I just came back.” Qi Zheng looked down and faintly smiled at her. He thought that her fazed expression was extremely cute.

There was a faint fragrance on him. He didn’t reek strongly of alcohol. He had probably refreshed up.

“I’m so tired.” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed, “Getting married is too tiring.”

“I’ll have Hong Yu and the others come in and help you change clothes and freshen up.” Qi Zheng smiled, having Hong Yu and Hong Ying come in.

Shen Ziqiao got out of bed with his support. After Hong Yu and Hong Ying came inside, he said softly, “I’m going to sit in the neighboring room.”

Warm water had already been prepared in the bath. Shen Ziqiao took a comfortable shower before feeling that her exhaustion had been washed away.

Because she wasn’t used to people being by her side while she was taking a shower, Hong Yu and Hong Ying were waiting outside.

Qi Zheng had come in after drinking a cup of tea. He was a bit shocked seeing that they were waiting outside before realizing that it was probably Jiao Jiao’s habit.

He revealed a smile on his serious face and dismissed the two maids.

The room was quiet with the occasional swaying of the candle in the room as well as the sound of the water in the restroom.

He uncontrollably walked inside the restroom.

Coincidentally seeing a beautiful woman getting out of the shower.

Shen Ziqiao walked out of the bath tub and was drying herself up. She wore a red undergarment covering the chest and abdomen with embroidered yellow plum blossoms...She was about to reach for her undergarments...

She had a beautiful and smooth figure that appeared even paler under the faint yellow light. Qi Zheng shifted his gaze down to see her round butt...and her long and slender legs...

He felt blood rushing in his entire body.

“Jiao Jiao!” He walked over in large strides and called hoarsely. He reached over to put an arm around her slender waist, exclaiming, “I can help you wear them. Let me!”

Shen Ziqiiao was startled. Then, her face flushed. What was the difference between standing naked in front of him and wearing these undergarments?

“You...go out. I...can do this myself.” Shen Ziqiao stuttered. Her back was against his chest. The thin undergarments did nothing to help. She could clearly feel his warm temperature.

Qi Zheng grabbed her undergarments and he looked deeply at her glossy shoulders. It must be really sweet… He lowered his head and bit her before licking her.

“Qi...Qi Zheng!” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed coquettishly.

“You look amazing!” Qi Zheng tossed her clothes on her ground and grabbed her two globes from behind. They were soft and bouncy and he was twisting them into different shapes.

She wore only an undergarment that covered her chest and abdomen. Shen Ziqiao wanted to curl into a ball from shame.

Qi Zheng’s burning kisses fell down her nape. He let go of one of her globes and wrapped an arm around her waist with the other, hugging her tightly against him.

Shen Ziqiao felt warm all over, her limbs going weak.

“You’ve grown up…” Qi Zheng’s hoarse voice rang in her ears. Then he turned her around and captured her lips.

Gentle but eagerly, he sucked on her tongue and a hand slipped into her undergarment covering her chest and abdomen, pinching her most sensitive bright red buds.

Shen Ziqiao couldn’t help but moan, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly.

Qi Zheng left her lips and captured her pearl-like earlobes, licking them. He never stopped the movement on his hands either. He gently massaged them. Shen Ziqiao was in too much pleasure to be able to say anything.

“Jiao Jiao…” He lifted his head panting. He looked passionately at her rosy cheeks. She appeared even more charming as a result.

Shen Ziqiao buried her face in his chest, refusing to look at him.

Qi Zheng laughed and carried her out of the restroom, placing her gently in bed.

Shen Ziqiao immediately covered herself with the blankets once getting her freedom.

“Why are you so shy?” There was a smile between Qi Zheng’s brows. He reached over and tugged the blankets apart within a few tries.

The string keeping Shen Ziqiao’s undergarment on her was already loosened. After the tugging, it had revealed one of her smooth and fair globes.

Qi Zheng felt his erection swelling.

He softly kissed and sucked on her neck, bringing her hands to the button of his pants. “Jiao Jiao, take it off for me.”

He even wanted her to remove his clothes?! Shen Ziqiao peered at him.

Qi Zheng refused to let her go. He pressed his erection against her and bit on her other bright red bud through the undergarment covering her. He was insistent on her unbuttoning him.

Shen Ziqiao felt her body going numb and her hands trembled as she helped him unbutton his pants.

“Bastard, you just want to bully me…” There was a weeping tone to her voice and Shen Ziqiao felt incredibly wronged.

Qi Zheng pulled her scrunched up undergarment apart and it revealed a beautiful sight to him. His robe had been halfway removed and it revealed his sturdy chest.

“That’s because I like you.” Qi Zheng softly laughed. He didn’t force her in the way, removing his clothes by himself.

Shen Ziqiao turned, ignoring him.

Qi Zheng’s wet kisses landed on her tender skin. Her bright red buds were standing up due to his kissing and licking.

“Mn…” Shen Ziqiao moaned, feeling as if she had been shocked by electricity. She was numb and powerless.

She felt empty inside.

Qi Zheng held in his desire and his fingers searched for her flower core, his rough fingers gently massaging it.

Shen Ziqiao couldn’t control the moaning coming out of her mouth.

She lifted her slender and long legs, tangling them on his waist.

Her soft private spot met his trembling erection.

Qi Zheng couldn’t hold on anymore. He held onto her waist with his hands and slowly entered her body.

“It hurts!” Shen Ziqiao suddenly felt earth-shattering pain and grabbed onto his shoulders tightly.

“Good Jiao Jiao. It won’t hurt in a bit.” Qi Zheng’s forehead was full of sweat. Her soft entrance lured him in.

He lowered his head and kissed her again, up until the burning feeling replaced the pain.

“Jiao Jiao!” He hoarsely called out her name. He then pushed in firmly and through the layer of barrier, entering her tight sweetness.

“Ah—!” Shen Ziqiao screamed from the pain.  

He let out a satisfied sigh and then started moving slowly...He was unable to control his desire anymore.

Shen Ziqiao felt pain in the bottom part of her body and she was completely numb. She wanted to push him away but she was unable to, up until a speechless pleasure replaced the pain. She could only hear the moaning and groans from when their two bodies were entangled together.

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