Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 15

Ah Jin thought it was a bit difficult to do.

The first part was easy to deal with, but how to raise the children?

Did she have to give birth herself?

How on earth could a little fairy have a baby!

But the task has already been taken, and the only way was to adopt flexible countermeasures.

Mental note to San Qi for a better payback later.

When Ah Jin opened her eyes again, she was standing outside a palace gate.

Inside, the little maids were happily playing shuttlecock.

This was the event that had changed the original character's personality.

Ah Jin walked into the palace.

When the maids saw her, they hailed and knelt down one by one.

"Get up. Are you playing a game?"

A large palace maid who headed the group stepped forward and bowed, "Back to the princess, they are kicking the shuttlecock."

The Palace girls' usual rest, playing shuttlecock for fun, was allowed.

Ah Jin posed as a princess, "Bring this Princess along to play too. I haven't played since I grew up."

"Servants don't dare." The maids kneeled again.

"What are you afraid of? Even if something happens today, all the responsibility is on this Princess. Hurry up and start."

The maids didn't dare to disobey, so they could only bring the Princess along to play.

The robe on Ah Jin's body was so complicated that it was impossible to do anything.

Only three or two out of ten were caught.

When the maids saw that the Princess wasn't angry even if they couldn't catch them, the maids slowly let go and played.

Zhang Mama appeared when they were having a good time. "Princess, what are you doing?"

She immediately ran over to Ah Jin and pulled her down, straightening her skirt from jumping, and she placed the beaded hairpin on her head.

When she finished tidying up, she raged back at the group of little girls.

"How dare you have the gall to pull the Princess to do such a thing? The Princess's status is noble. Not someone like you can befriend. Take them down and beat them heavily with 30 large slabs as an example."

The little maids fell to their knees and loudly begged for mercy.

"Hey, what a big person. When did it become your turn to be in charge here?" Ah Jin looked at her and said.

Zhang Mama immediately bowed, "This old servant dare not, but the Princess is still young, so she can't be led away by these cheap hooves. The Princess's status is honorable, and she must not get involved with these lowly things."

Ah Jin stroked her sleeves, "This Princess let them take me out to play today. If you think this Princess is wrong, then let this Princess go with 30 slabs too!"

Zhang Mama kneeled down. "This old servant does not dare. The Empress has asked me to teach the Princess, and this old servant is doing my best. This old servant will never be disrespectful."

"Dare not? This Princess thought you only had Mother in your eyes, not this Princess. Since you only have the Empress in your eyes, then you can go back. This Princess doesn't need a servant here to go beyond the call of duty."

Ah Jin pointed to the two maids playing with her, "Prepare and come back to the palace with this Princess. From now on, you two will be this Princess's people."

"Thank you, princess, for your grace."

"Princess mustn't! This old servant is doing this for the Princess's sake!"

Zhang Mama had not given up yet.

Ah Jin flicked her sleeves and left with her maids.

Back to the palace?

That wasn't going to happen.

As the favorite daughter, of course, she went to take advantage of the opportunity to complain to the Emperor.

The Emperor was in the imperial study when he heard the Head Eunuch outside enter the palace to report.

"Your Majesty, the Second Princess is here."

Zhu Jinxiu was second in rank.


"Announcing an audience with the Second Princess."

The eunuch's voice just fell, and Ah Jin dashed in, crying as she ran.

"Father, I don't want to learn the rules. This daughter's legs hurt, and Zhang Mama's so fierce!"

The Emperor stood up and helped Ah Jin up and asked, "What's the matter? Quickly don't cry and talk. Father will give you a decision."

It was the first time the Emperor had seen her cry like that and couldn't help but feel a little distressed.

Ah Jin sobbed as she told the story.

"Mother found me a tutor to teach me the rules, but this one is so fierce. I was merely playing with my maids for a while, and she was about to kill them. I'm so scared. Father, can I stop learning the rules?"

The Emperor took a handkerchief to wipe Ah Jin's face and comforted her, "The Empress did it for your own good. There must be certain rules and regulations to do anything. Otherwise, it will not succeed. But this one has gone too far. It was just a child's play. How could it be that someone was going to die? Tell you what, Father will find you another Mama. You have to be obedient and not be naughty anymore."

Ah Jin accepted the good news and immediately knelt down to give thanks, "Thank you, Father. I will definitely learn well."

The Emperor tapped her head, "Go play."

After Ah Jin came out of the imperial study, she brought her maids to the Feng Yi Palace to find the Empress.

Zhang Mama had already cried to the Empress.

"This daughter pays her respects to Mother. A thousand blessings and peace to Mother."

Ah Jin bowed to greet the Empress.

The Empress put down her tea and watched as Ah Jin performed her salutations quite well.

The fire in her heart went down a little.

"Tell me, what good have you done today."

Ah Jin glanced at Zhang Mama at the side, "This daughter was tired of learning the rules and wanted a break. Why must Zhang Mama beat them to death when this Princess was merely playing around with the maids? Mother, this daughter felt Zhang Mama was extremely out of place and rebuked her."

"Still, Zhang Mama?" The Empress knew full well the consultant.

Zhang Mama saluted, "Replying to the Empress. This old servant didn't intend to kill the maids but to teach them a lesson. The Princess's status is revered, but the servants made no distinction of their ranks. This old servant thought they should be punished."

"You unruly servant. Those little maids are not much older than this Princess, and for you to have them beaten with 30 slabs would mean their lives. Don't you dare provoke our mother-daughter relationship? This Princess has already reported to Father to come and punish you!"

Zhang Mama immediately fell to her knees in fear, "Your Majesty, save this old servant. This old servant is innocent!"

"All right! Jinxiu, look at you. You don't look like a royal princess now. It's just a small matter, and you want to disturb your Father? You really can be so ignorant when it comes to daily life. You disappoint Mother too much."

Ah Jin looked at the Empress, tears falling, "Mother doesn't like this daughter anymore?"

The Empress pushed down her feelings, "Not anymore. Mother only likes obedient princesses, not those who don't follow the rules."

Ah Jin looked at her dumbfoundedly, as if she didn't believe her words, "Mother doesn't like me anymore, then I also don't like Mother too." After saying that, she ran out crying.

"Jinxiu!" The Empress did not expect she would react so much, so she immediately called her servant girl to chase.

Ah Jin ran away quite fast and went to play in another palace in a flash not to be concerned about the original character’s age.

However, servants were still looking for her all over.

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