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Looking at the price of fish, it wasn’t too bad. 8 fish were sold for over 200 wen, equivalent to 200 Yuan ah (1). If it continued to sell like this, reckon before winter comes they could build a large brick house. The next day Ling Jingxuan casually grabbed some cornmeal to cook wild herb paste. He also ran around the courtyard for a long time. When the sky started to turn bright, he took the wooden bucket and headed towards Yuehua Ravine.

Today he planned on catching a few more fish. First it was because when the entire family ate they didn't leave any leftovers. Second, the two little buns and him wore straw sandals. Their bodies wore clothes that were patched multiple times, so he planned to make more money the next few days. Then on another day, bring the two buns to the market to buy some things and replenish others. As they say,  food and clothes were endless. He did not plan to be poor for the rest of their lives. Even if they were poor, he did not want to treat himself and the buns unfairly to basic necessities.

“Dad, how did you catch so many fish today? I’ll come help you.”

From far away they saw daddy strenuously carrying two buckets approaching. At that moment the little bun who was running eagerly welcomed him. His little face was covered with sweat, clothes on his body were also soaked with sweat, but the smiling expression on his face was full of happiness and excitement.

“There’s a lot of fish! Daddy we’re going to be rich.”

Not a single word from the big bun, who was following behind, didn’t include money. Ling Jingxuan also didn’t feel like ridiculing him and easily handed him the fishing net. A family of three carrying two large and full buckets happily returned home.

“Big brother… problem… problem…”

Having settled the fish, the family of three had just sat down and prepared to eat and give the fish to Ling Chenglong before heading to the mountain to pick medicine. Didn’t think that Ling Jingpeng, panicking, ran over. Puzzled, Ling Jingxuan put down his chopsticks. “What happened la? So early in the morning, why are you running over here all panicked?”

Looking at the youngest brother who stopped in front of them panting for air, Ling Jingxuan asked him oddly.

“Huhu… Big brother, problem. Didn’t you teach Da Wa’s dad a lesson yesterday? In the morning today Da Wa’s mother ran to second grandpa’s household to complain while weeping endlessly. Seeing second grandpa’s face, it seems he's very angry. I reckon that later he’ll bring people to make trouble for you.”

After trying hard to take in a few deep breaths, Ling Jingpeng anxiously told him.

“Big deal! Look at how anxious you are. Hurry, sit down and take a breather. You still haven't eaten yet ba? Xiao Wen, go to the kitchen and grab another bowl and chopsticks out.”

Compared to his worry, Ling Jingxuan unhurried personally pulled him to his side to sit down. Although the big bun was worried, he was also vigilant and ran to the kitchen. Little bun followed and furrowed his brow. His face showed his bad mood. It was clearly Da Wa’s family who had bullied them before, how come every time the one who was denounced was them?

“Big brother, don’t you know ….”

It really was like the emperor was not worried but his eunuchs were (2). Looking at his unconcerned appearance, Ling Jingpeng frowned, but he hadn’t finished talking when Ling Jingxuan waved his hand to interrupt him. Facing his anxious and worried look, Ling Jingxuan’s mouth curved, “That’s enough, I already know. Since I dared to injure him, I’m not afraid of him telling on me. Don’t worry ba.”

If he didn't even have this amount of brain, how would he have been able to move unhindered in the previous world?

“Big brother your meaning?”

Listening up to here, he finally relaxed a little. But it was only a little. He did not hear his detailed response, how could he really be reassured?

“Daddy, you really have a method?”

Little bun threw down his bowl and chopsticks and ran over to climb up his leg. Sitting in his embrace he lifted his head full of worry. At this time Big bun walked in with the bowl and chopsticks. “Dad, what if we… compensate a bit ba?”

But he obviously didn’t hear what Ling Jingxuan said earlier. At the mention of money, he had the appearance of his flesh hurting. Ling Jing Xuan couldn't help but find it funny. It was really hard for this to come by ah. his family’s bun actually took the initiative to spend money to protect their peace. If he could be like this normally then it would be good.

“You are willing to part with money but I am not.”

Throwing him a smiling expression, Ling Jingxuan glanced at the stupefied appearances of the other three. Helpless, he smiled and said, “Five years ago the reason why I was expelled from the Ling house and banished to a place where birds won’t sh*t and turtles won’t climb ashore (3) is because everyone in the village feels that I did something that offends public morals, therefore throwing away their face. In other words, the thing they love is their reputation. Now fives years have passed. Between defending 1-2 people or the entire village’s reputation, I dare to be certain, they will definitely pick the latter. Youngest brother, later when you go help me sell the fish, think of a way to publicly exaggerate the story between me and Da Wa’s family. Remember, you must emphasize again and again that it was Da Wa’s family who bullied us father and orphans. They are also trying to exploit the villagers' resentment and want to hound us to death. I’m so angry about the grievances that I want to take my two children to find the county seat and complain. It would be best to let a few close villagers know about it, this way if they come, our second grandpa has no option but to choose.”

In this era men could marry men. If there was no problem with the original owner’s memory, the current empress was a man, but seems like he was already abandoned. Of course, he was not idle enough to care about the royal family. These years he was cursed as an evil doer, detested by all. And it was because he got pregnant and gave birth to children. But also the father of the two buns was not clear, this however, was of great concern to the entire Lingjia village’s face. It was most likely that his second grandpa didn’t want this scandal to reach the county seat. But once he tells a government official, the hidden ugly fact was bound to be exposed. For the prestige of Lingjia village, he will definitely think of a way to prevent it, therefore there was no need for them to worry.

“I understand big brother, leave it to me.”

Between Ling Jingxuan and his brothers, none of them were stupid. Ling Jingpeng in an instant understood and swept away his earlier anxiousness. He boldly patted his chest to guarantee. His suntanned and skinny face blossomed a simple and honest appearance along with a crafty smile.

“Daddy, will this really be fine?”

Little bun's entire face was confused. He heard everything but did not understand. Big bun understood a little bit, but his little face wrinkled even more. Can’t do anything about it. Through his many years of past experiences, everytime the village was disturbed with someone, in the end the one out of luck would definitely be them. In any event he also did not have faith that this situation could easily be settled.

“Try it then won’t you know?”

Raising his eyebrow, Ling Jingxuan did not say anymore. After eating he brought Ling Jingpeng to the front yard to look at the fish. After sending him off, Ling Jingxuan in the backyard found a bamboo basket that was barely usable. Taking their family’s only sickle that could be considered sharp, he led the two buns to enter the mountain. As for the village problem, most likely when they came back there would be a conclusion.

  1. 200 yuan: I’m actually not sure what this is referring to. It could be referring to 200 yuan which is about 28 USD, or it could be saying its 20 taels. Not sure if the currency in the novel will use taels so I will keep it as yuan until further notice.
  2. The Emperor is not worried but the eunuchs are: idiom saying that the observers/follows are more worried than the person involved.
  3. Birds won’t sh*t and turtles won’t climb ashore: basically a really deserted and terrible piece of land