Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1494: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 52)

Half Warm Cup: I feel that Su Zhi lacks a chance to prove herself, a violin solo would be a good chance.

After all, if there was another musical instrument, especially the piano which was dominant, the excellent playing of the violin would become an accompaniment and would be suppressed by the piano.

However, if it was a solo, the violin’s sound would be displayed to its full potential.

If Su Zhi could play alone on stage, that would indeed be an opportunity for her.

But…...Not to mention if Su Zhi could play on stage alone, if there wasn’t Wen Yan Chen’s accompaniment on the piano, the popularity of the performance would drop greatly.

Would the vocal music club agree to it?

Thinking of Clear Dust: Did you discuss it with them?

Half Warm Cup: There’s no need to discuss, I make the final call.

Wen Yan Chen’s certain tone confirmed one thing for her, the ‘patron’ of the vocal music club had to be Wen Yan Chen!

Luo Qing Chen thought about and thought about it, still feeling a bit conflicted.

Her fingers ran across the keyboard, typing and deleting, deleting and typing.

Finally, she decided to ask him!

Thinking of Clear Dust: The problem is…..will you perform?

Luo Qing Chen would never know that Wen Yan Chen in front of the computer would be even more conflicted and nervous compared to her.

Because this was the biggest thing in his life!

He was very nervous doing something as big as this for the first time!

Luo Qing Chen saw the other side was the same as her from earlier.

‘The other side is typing……”

The interesting thing was that he was typing for fifteen minutes!

Thinking of Clear Dust: Are you done thinking?

When she sent this, the youth who had been typing for fifteen minutes instantly replied.

Half Warm Cup: I’ll go wherever you go.

There was a blush that covered her face and slowly spread to her ears.

She could hear the sound of her heart beating and the corners of her lips slowly rising.

After ten seconds, he didn’t forget to add——

Half Warm Cup: After all, you’re already my wife!

This time it was her turn to be ‘typing’, what should she say to seem shy, cute, and subtle?

Thinking and then thinking again.

She decided to stop being shy and reserved, directly writing something in her own style on the screen.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Un!  You’re very correct!

Seeing the concise words on the screen, the youth’s eyes shone like the stars as his lips curled into the biggest curve in his life.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion is now 100%.]

Sunday morning.

Since next week was the school celebration, time was very tight.

Wen Yan Chen announced that he and Luo Qing Chen’s program would become a violin solo, which attracted a lot of questions.

“Are you certain?  She’s going to play a violin solo?”  Jian Yuan respected Wen Yan Chen very much, but as the president, he had to ask for the benefits of the club.

“Have you heard her play before?”

“Senior Wen, this isn’t a problem of hearing it before.  She is a new member and the violin is a hard instrument to master, one can’t be an expert without practicing for over a decade.”  Chen Na’s voice slowly rang out.  Although she was speaking against it, her to0ne was quite good.

Just like a senior giving a bit of teaching…...doubtful!

“I’ve been playing violin for twelve years.”  Su Zhi looked at Chen Na with a displeased look, “I won’t lose against your piano.”

Su Zhi’s words stunned everyone present, it was filled with power.

Chen Na gritted her teeth as she glared at Su Zhi, like she was saying: Father is trying to give you face on account of school hunk Wen and you actually don’t want it.

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